The Shift Method

Shift Out of The Ordinary and into Extraordinary.

The Shift Method is an adventure into your potential. It can be a bit fast and furious, but it makes powerful results if you're willing to put in the work. 

The Shift Method works because it treats you as a complete human being: mind, body and spirit. I make a custom Energetic Blueprint that helps you to stand in your gifts. I use multiple forms of energy work (Reiki, Aura Work, Aromatherapy, Akashic Records, etc) to clear your energetic field while you make mental and physical shifts to honor where you are and where you want to be.

Shift Your Life Call

Enjoy a one time call to discuss everything you. 

Let's create the map to your unique journey using the Energetic Blueprint based on your personal energy. We will use the Energetic Blueprint to help you see your gifts, your strength, and the path questions for you to ask yourself before making a decision. 



The Shift Intensive

A special intensive for women who are ready to journey forward to change, like, yesterday.  We waste no time delivering fast, lasting results through a rapid and impactful series of energy work sessions and mentorship calls that lasts just 4-6 weeks.

The Shift Intensive includes Akashic Record Clearing, Kundalini Reiki Sessions, 1:1 coaching, and a lot more to maximize your results.


Shift Your Life Coaching

Join this at your pace mentorship to make radical, lasting change. 

This group is one part energy work + one part mind makeover + one part stepping into your gifts, but it's 100% about making sure you reach your goals. 

We use your personal energetic blueprint to make the map for this 4-month transformational adventure.


The Shift Group Coaching

Join my once a year group program aimed at shifting your life into your dream life.

It is based off of the Shift coaching program, but we meet in small intimate groups to do the real work. It's a lot of fun and many friendships are made! 

Next Online Group Session Starts Early 2020.


Not Sure Which Path Is Right For You?


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