The Shift Method

Shift Out of The Ordinary and into Extraordinary.

I developed The Shift Method partially based on my experience and partially because of intuition, but I'm so glad that I did! This program is helping to change lives in radical, sustainable ways because it works to release blocks on every level and give us a clear path to the life we desire.

As a nurse and an integrative nutritional coach, I have the qualifications to walk you through the path of diet and wellness changes. But as a Spirit Junkie Master Class Grad, Mindfulness Instructor, Aromatherapy Guide, and 3x Reiki Master, I can dive deep into the spiritual and energetic realms to shift out your blocks and reprogram the subconscious mind.

It's a powerful journey if you're ready to take it! 

The Guidance Call

If you just need a little direction, jump on a guidance call. We can talk about troubleshooting some of your spiritual practices, talk about a specific problem that you need to brainstorm, or even do a personal workshop just for you. 

If you decide to switch to a coaching package, subtract the call from the total price because you're cool like that.



The Shift Lifestyle

Join this at your pace mentorship to make radical, lasting change. 

This group is one part Home Makeover + one part Mind Makeover + one part Energy Work, but it's 100% about Natural Living. Pretty much all of my favorite things rolled into one beautiful package! If you want big change, you have to make sure your external environment supports the internal one you're creating and this is exactly what this package is meant to do! 


The Shift Intensive

A special intensive mentorship for women who are ready to move forward and make change, like, yesterday.  We waste no time delivering fast, lasting results through a rapid and impactful series of energy work sessions and mentorship calls that lasts just 4-8 weeks.

The Shift Intensive includes downloadable audio trainings, home energy clearings, a private FB group, 1:1 coaching and more. 


The Shift Group Coaching

A 5 month group program aimed at shifting your life into your dream life.

It is based off of the Shift Lifestyle 1:1 coaching program, but we meet in small intimate groups to do the real work. It's a lot of fun and many friendships are made! 

Next Online Group Session Starts Early 2020.


Not Sure Which Path Is Right For You?


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