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Do you want to step into your gifts and your purpose? 

So many of my clients have struggled with knowing who they really are, but when you have your unique Blueprints available, you get so much clarity and purpose. You see who you truly are meant to be without the baggage, the limiting beliefs, the fears, and all the stuff that gets in your way.

When you know your blueprint, you know how you are wired, your gifts, your talents, and also how to make better decisions. It just makes life easier! 

Benefits From A Session

Make Decisions Easier

Know Yourself + Your Gifts

Clear Negative Frequencies

Gain Clarity On All Aspects

But that's not all!

You will also receive an Akashic Records clearing - a soul healing - of any issues from past life (or this life), that are ready to be cleared so you can step into your divine blueprint of who you are meant to be.

Examples of issues that can be cleared are:

  • Negative Karma
  • Implants from previous lives
  • Negative Astral Travel
  • Entity Attachments
  • Curses + Ill Intentions
  • Energetic Blocks
  • Aura Repair
  • Spirit Guide Assistance
  • And More

"Have you ever wondered why you “tik” the way you do or why you keep doing the same things over an over again and expecting different results but you never do?! Sherri has such a gift at being able to pin-point these type of patterns and help you understand yourself better and guide you on how to redirect patterns. She has helped me uncover and release blocks that have held me back from being the person I’m meant to be. With Sherri’s Compassion and Passion to help others, you are destined to have an exceptional experience on your journey! Thank you so much Sherri for all you have helped me with ♥️✨♥️✨"

Stephanie G.
Healer, Emotional Code & Reiki

What Is Included

Energetic Blueprint

Learn more about your dominant energy center and how you are wired. Get clarity around your unique gifts, your strengths, and how you can show up in life to totally kick some butt. 

You will get valuable information about your manifestation ability and how to amplify it.

Soul Blueprint

This is another way to learn more about your gifts and purpose in life. It will give you clarity about yourself and your mission while helping you to find the best way to utilize your unique strengths. 

You will also get information about your spirit guides, your soul's purpose and so much more! 

Akashic Record Clearing

Get an assessment of your Akashic Records as well as a clearing of any negative karmic energy of this life or past lives. I will also remove any negative connections to other souls, earthbound souls, and any blocks or restrictions from your blueprints. 

90 Minute Clarity Call

Jump on a call to discuss all your results and how you can apply them to your life in all ways: business, romance, health and so much more! The call will take 60-90 minutes.

"Sherri is one of the MOST GIFTED HEALERS around! Working with Sherri has been one of the most incredible experiences ever and her gifts continue to evolve! She goes above and beyond and is always there if you need her. She will not only will she heal you, but she will help you gain confidence and transform you as a person! She is such an inspiration and I feel totally blessed that our paths crossed ! (Disclaimer: this woman may cause miracles)"

Samara B.
Intuitive Coach, Channeler, AUS

Your Blueprint and Akashic Record Clearing

Get your custom energetic and soul blueprints and an Akashic Record Clearing with a one-hour clarity call to discuss your unique results.


Situational Energetic Clearing

If you have already had an Blueprint and Akashic Record Clearing, try a Situational Clearing to work on specific goals.


"Words can’t truly express how amazing Sherri is, but I’ll try! Sherri helped me to unlock a more intuitive way for me to understand myself, heal myself, and help others. By truly understand how my soul is connected I can better tap into healing energies and how I am hardwired. I have grown so much just since the energetic blueprint and clearing of my house. My life has been cleared of negative energies draining from me and my home, and I have been able to begin flourishing and growing further than I ever dreamed. Thank you Sherri! ❤"

Hollis Howard
Reiki Master

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn't it makes more sense to clear the issues around your blueprint so you can easily step into your true self-expression? 

You can, but it is helpful to have your energetic blueprint to apply to your situational reading. It just allows the reading to be a little more in depth and focused.  

I do take customer satisfaction very seriously and I want to make sure that you have a great experience. But due to the nature of how Akashic Records Readings are done, I do not offer refunds. 

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