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Selfish or Selfless?

I was feeling overwhelmed with my life when a friend called me and jumped into a painful story. I recognized that I was not in place to support her, but I felt obligated to be there for her. After all, she needed me. After an hour on the phone, I left that conversation feeling worse than before and like I let her down.

Selflessness is a major epidemic. Many people believe that being selfish is wrong, but I'd argue that being selfless is just the other side of an unhealthy situation. They are both extremes that end up hurting people. When we understand the energy behind poor boundaries, leaky auras, and how the past layers onto our energy field with expectations, social conditioning, and painful experiences we see that it isn't that complicated. We make it complicated. Like me with my friend, we start to become aware that things are working and that there is a middle way.

It's time to change the paradigm. 

Just like in an airplane, you need to put on your oxygen mask first. You can only help others as much as you can help yourself, or eventually, you'll run out of air. If you put yourself last, you're running on compassion fumes. It usually leads to feeling unsupported, guilty, frustrated, drained, and unhappy. It's not a fun place to be.

I invite you to go beyond self-care and to dive into a deeper level of being. Have bubble baths and pedicures been enough in the past? Or have they been distractions, bandaids, to make you feel temporarily better? It's time to find out what your soul needs and to get actual evolution into the next stage of your life. Soul-care is about healing the past, reclaiming what we've lost, and finding our own awesomeness just as we are. 

"This group is beyond anything you can imagine, no matter where you are on your journey it is for you!"


This group is beyond anything you can imagine, no matter where you are on your journey it is for you! It is a place where you see so many surrendering all that holds them back and leaning into reclaim the power within, it is motivating and inspiring for even the most broken and unsure! It is full of positivity and magic! If you are looking to evolve and don’t know how, where to start or what to do this is the group for you!

Angie R.

"A true lifeline for me!!!"


You don’t know what you don’t know. We’ve all heard it ... sometimes you just need to follow your intuition. I was at a low point and for whatever reason I did not hesitate to join this group as it was founded. BEST. DECISION. EVER. My gut knew, even if I didn’t, that this was the light to get me back on my path. So much opportunity for growth if you are willing to accept it and do the work to grow yourself. A true lifeline for me!!!

Opal F.


The Soul Evolution Circle is self-care for your soul.

We are not talking about taking a salt bath or getting a massage, but rather the deep soul-care that we crave. When our soul is nourished and healed, we are transformed not just for a few hours, but for our entire lives. When we feed our soul with compassion, love, and acceptance we are able to confidently and joyfully step into our purpose.

In the Soul Evolution Circle, each month you are offered two VIRTUAL group Reiki sessions, a live coaching call, meditations, and support to cultivate more self-love, joy, and compassion in your life so you can effortlessly do what you are meant to do.

Sample of A Soul Evolution Circle  Private Workshop

Listen to TWO clips of this 30-minute workshop recorded for the month of August 2021

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SAMPLE of Private Workshop
Soul Evolution Circle: August 2021

TWO 30-minute Group Distance Reiki sessions and ONE Coaching session each month!

Replays always available.
Sessions offered by Sherri, Kundalini , Violet Flame, & Usui Reiki Master, Teacher

You can attend live on Zoom, find a quiet space to watch the replay, or just take a nap. Reiki will be sent to all members regardless of online attendance.

What is Reiki? Check out this blog post

Hello, I'm Sherri

I am an empath and healer. I am also a survivor of trauma who has fallen in love with the healing power of Reiki, Self-Compassion, and Mindfulness.

I have helped hundreds take back their lives, fall in love with themselves, and, step more fully into living. 

My Education and Training:

  • Mindfulness Studies Graduate Certificate
  • Metaphysician, M.Msc. 
  • Bachelors of Nursing, BSN
  • Mindfulness Instructor and Shamatha Meditation Teacher 
  • Kundalini, Usui and Violet Flame Reiki Master 
  • Akashic Record Reader and Soul Realignment Specialist 
  • Aura Healer and Crystal Reiki Practitioner 

Private Workshops

On the first of the month, get a downloadable audio based on our theme of the month that you can listen to anywhere! Each audio features a 20-30 minute lesson meant to open your heart and expand your ability to self-heal and help others

Monthly Group Reiki Sessions

Each month you are provided with two live Group Reiki Sessions. In these sessions, we create a safe place for healing, restoring energetic boundaries, and releasing stuck energy. Each session is different and the replay is always available.

Monthly Group Coaching

Enjoy a live group coaching call each month with deepening exercises to expand your self-awareness. In these calls, we come together to support each other, offer a safe place to be ourselves and set down our burdens.

And There Is More...

You might think that the first three services are enough, but I want to give you even more.

  • Get access to the Private Facebook Community.
  • Monthly Guided Meditations that complement our theme.
  • Minfulness Exercises to cultivate more compassion, acceptance, and love into our lives
  • Join our Soul-Care Sundays Newsletter and work with others in the community to dive deeper into your practice
  • Receive support in navigating and expanding your Empathic, Intuitive, and Healing abilities

September 2021 Agenda

Theme: The Art of Happiness

Happiness is not a destination. It's a way of being. Are you ready to remember your inner joy and begin living with more abundance?

Mediation: Inner Child Meditation

Upcoming Group Reiki Sessions: 


Sept 25 @ 11 am EST

Group Coaching: Sept 18 @ 11 am EST

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Does Distance Reiki Work?


A Distance session is performed by an Energy Practitioner that is trained in distance healing. In a distance session, you are sent specific frequencies of healing energy without ever been in the same room, city, state, or even country. 

Does it seem a bit sci-fi? Well, it's not! It's actually well supported by quantum physics and there have been research studies confirming the power of distance healing since the 1980s. 

The clients I have worked with have reported the very same benefits after a distance session as in an in-person setting. They report feelings of relaxation, confidence, inner peace, ease of discomfort, emotional release, profound realizations, and so much more.

A benefit of Distance Reiki is that you can experience the energies from a place that is comforting and safe, such as in your favorite meditation spot, while lying in bed, or while in nature. Having control over your setting can be a way to feel freer to fully release any blocked energies. 

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