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Sacred Space To Heal Together


One of the things I love most about The Soul Evolution Circle are the friendships and community that is built. Women who are looking to rise up aren't comparing themselves to other women, but rather helping them to reach their goals too. When we heal together, our souls evolve at a much faster rate because not only are we learning, but we're holding space and teaching each other through our own experiences. It's amazing! 

In this membership, there is no judgment, shame or blame. The women in this community aim to act from their heart space and for everyone to heal from the inside out because we know as one heals, we all heal. It is a safe, sacred space to share your stories, be open about your fears, ask for guidance, tell us about your transformations, and let us share in your experiences with you. 

Together we rise farther than we can imagine.

Set Yourself Free from Fear 

Listen to this meditation to cast away fear and bring in more peace. 

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Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Are you open minded to trying new things like Reiki, Sleep Yoga, or crystal work?
  • Would you consider yourself reactive to your emotions or that you suppress them?
  • Do you want to how to release stress, stuck emotions, increase intuition, and balance your energies?
  • Are you an independent learner who is committed to your own healing? 
  • Would you say that emotional healing, self-love development, and inner growth are important to you?
  • Has it been difficult to find simple and sustainable practices that work for your inner healing?
  • Do you desire a community who accepts and supports you no matter where you are in life?

If you answered yes to any of these, The Soul Evolution Circle may be perfect for you! 

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"This group is beyond anything you can imagine, no matter where you are on your journey it is for you!"


This group is beyond anything you can imagine, no matter where you are on your journey it is for you! It is a place where you see so many surrendering all that holds them back and leaning into reclaim the power within, it is motivating and inspiring for even the most broken and unsure! It is full of positivity and magic! If you are looking to evolve and don’t know how, where to start or what to do this is the group for you!

Angie R.

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"A true lifeline for me!!!"


You don’t know what you don’t know. We’ve all heard it ... sometimes you just need to follow your intuition. I was at a low point and for whatever reason I did not hesitate to join this group as it was founded. BEST. DECISION. EVER. My gut knew, even if I didn’t, that this was the light to get me back on my path. So much opportunity for growth if you are willing to accept it and do the work to grow yourself. A true lifeline for me!!!

Opal F.

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Where Your Healing Evolves

Each month you will get transformational information based on emotional healing, intuition development, self-love, and clearing away what no longer serves you. Past topics include self-energy clearing, growing self-confidence, releasing judgment, creating a sacred space, and so much more.

You'll receive access to an online module where new transformational content is delivered each month. You will have access to all of the information for the duration of your membership so feel free to go back to previous modules or practices that resonate with you.

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Monthly Themes

Each month, get a downloadable audio based on our theme of the month that you can listen to anywhere! Each audio features a 20-30 minute lesson meant to take you to the next level.

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Breathwork + Meditation Sessions

Learn mind, body, spirit techniques to promote better connection, clarity, calm, and creativity in your life. Let me guide you through the monthly practice. 

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Yoga Nidra Session with Group Reiki

Each month, enjoy a new Yoga Nidra Session (Sleep Yoga) infused with Kundalini Reiki to relax and release stuck energy. Get the recording to practice the session all month. 

And there is more....

You might think that the first three services are enough, but I want to give you even more.

  • Get access to the Private Facebook Community.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions based on our theme of the month
  • Get exclusive online offers for discounted services or retreats.

The transformations possible in The Soul Evolution is so relevant to the modern magical woman who wants to uplevel. 

What Are Some Examples Of Monthly Topics?

  • How To Create Lasting Change
  • Intuition Development
  • Forgiveness For Inner Peace
  • The Importance of The Present Moment
  • And so much more! 

You will also learn skills such as inner child work, pranayama, meditation, chakra balancing, intuition expansion, aromatherapy, and so much more. 

You are always welcome to go to past month's topics at any time so you won't miss anything! 

Choose Your Service

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On this important healing journey, you have choices. You are not "everyone else". You deserve to walk through the path that is in alignment with who you are at soul level. I invite you to choose the path below that speaks to your heart.

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Work 1:1 or in a group setting with me to reduce stress and overwhelm while increasing self-love, peace, and balance in your life. 

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Unlike anything you've ever experienced, get deep soul healing that works fast to bring you results in mind-body-spirit.

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For the independent soul, learn how to bust through abundance blocks, expand your intuition, learn energy work, and so much more.