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Do you climb power lines or something? 

That's a standard responds by a normal person to "I'm an Energy Worker". 

I'm a little flattered that climbing a power line is considered an actual possibility for me, but alas, they are wrong. I reply "No, I work with quantum physics and vibrations to heal people in the mind, body and spirit" and then I get even more confused looks.

I totally get that what I do is way outside the normal zone for most people, but it's a shame because it can help so many! I've had clients tell me that what I find in one day took thousands of dollars and years of appointments in the "real world". 

But what's funny is that with energy work, we are more in the real world than our external world. Humans can perceive about 1% (and that's not a typo) of what is around them. What you see as a chair is really a bunch of densely vibrating atoms. A thought isn't any less real, but it's invisible to you simply because it's vibrating at a higher rate. 

The human body's vibration falls below 62 MHz, we get physically sick. 58 MHz is a bad cold. 57 MHz is the flu. 45 MHz is that nasty c-word. The goal in life is to always vibrate above that 62 MHz threshold, but we call it different things like "being happy", "being healthy" or "being freaking awesome." 

Energy Work is just work within those vibrations. The aim is to raise vibrations and to keep you in the "good zone" (aka above 62 MHz). I work within that 99% of what we can't see, but you can feel it because our body responds to energy. That's it's language. 

I just happen to speak it. 

What Would Happen In Your Life If You Could...

  • Create a deep relaxation and improve your quality of sleep?
  • Open your intuition and trust yourself fully?
  • Be healthy and free from physical limitations?
  • Dissolve energy blocks and so you can go after what you really want?
  • Reduce that pesky stress?
  • Accelerate spiritual growth and manifest your desires?
  • Have a safe way of complimenting the medical system and other treatments to assist healing?
  • Release old, stuck emotions that hold you back?
  • Open your heart to love?
  • Find clarity around your purpose and it's path?
  • See the connection between the physical and the mental so you can work at it from the root cause?

Would you believe me if I told you that energy work can help with all of these?

Distance Energy Work

You may already think I'm weird, but it's about to get weirder. 

We know that when you think a thought, you can't see it because it's vibrating so fast. Like other things you can't see but you know exist, such as radio waves. Yep, your brain is a freaking radio. What you think projects outside of you. Not so private anymore, is it! 

Distance Energy Work uses the same concepts, but there is way more quantum physics involved. I project my healing energy to you via these "waves" and "vibrational strings". If you don't believe me, go buy a physics book or take a class. 

It's kind of like electricity that can be conducted through copper wires, but those wires are all around us. Energy is everywhere. The universe was created this way for a reason. 

“What is the universe? The universe is a symphony of vibrating strings… We are nothing but melodies. We are nothing but cosmic music played out on vibrating strings and membranes.” 

- Michio Kaku

When you get Distance Energy Work Healing, you get positive energy sent to you wherever you are. You don't have to drive to an appointment or change your routine. It can fit seamlessly into your day. Reiki is a bit like having a good friend who is always there for you and to comfort you. 

What Happens In A Distance Energy Work Session?

Distance Energy Work is pretty amazing because we are all freaking busy anyways and it is hard to find time in our lives to carve out 2 hours to go get a massage, a reiki treatment, or anything to help us feel better! This takes away the fluff and allows you to fully focus on your self-care on the time you have free. 

Every energy work session is different because it's based on your energetic blueprint. You are a unique person with unique life experiences, beliefs, perspectives, and goals. These all impact your energetic field, your chakras, and all of your energy bodies. So you see, you deserve the custom treatment. 

In terms of what you should do during your session, you won't want to do anything too stimulating or stressful like watching TV, have an important discussion, or be doing a task that you don't enjoy. Instead treat this like your self-care time. You can take a warm bath, journal, meditate, pray, take a nature walk, do some light stretching, listen to relaxing music, or even take a nap. The point is to relax and slow down.

Let me do all the work while I focus on balancing your energies.

Manifestation or Relaxation Session

So many of my clients wanted more time to absorb and assimilate the intense energies of Kundalini Reiki so I added these 15 minute bonus sessions to give you more healing, more alignment and more results all while allowing your energies to settle in your body.

The Manifestation Session is a powerful way to bring forth your desires for your energy healing session.  You set an intention, I teach you how to manifest that intention through an audio lesson, and together we use energy work to set those vibration into your energy field.

The Relaxation Session is loving, relaxing energy being sent your way. This is built to combat stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, and to allow you space to process the energy and heal. It's also a great way to unwind after a long week! 

“We awaken by asking the right questions."

Which Energy Work Session Is Right For You?

Recharge & Renew Reiki

This is perfect for self-care or a quick recharge! You'll get 25 minutes of Kundalini Reiki to balance your chakras with a 10 minute Relaxation Session.

Included is a written Report that you'll with self-care recommendations to support balance. 

*Distance Session Only



The VIP Treatment

This is the full package! Get a 15 minute Aura Clearing and Repair session, followed by a 30 minute Kundalini Reiki Session with Chakra Balancing. You'll finish with a 15 minute Relaxation or a Manifestation Session. Your choice! 

You'll be sent a PDF with written findings and self-care recommendations.

*Distance Reiki Session Only



Which One Is Right For You?

The Rest and Renew Reiki Session (R&R) is perfect for anyone who is looking for self-care, restoring their energy balance, or recharging after a long day. There is added Reiki that is brought in that is infused with relaxation and it will help you to sleep better, release stress and release what's bothering you. 

The VIP Energy Work Treatment is great for anyone who is working through some major blocks, has big goals, or who wants a more indulgent energy work session. You can choose from Relaxation Reiki (same energy as in the R&R Reiki) or you can choose manifestation Reiki which will help you bring your reiki intentions into creation. Included is a downloadable audio that will teach you how to manifest and use our Reiki Session to amplify that energy. 

Have You Heard About Energy Based Coaching?

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe. Maybe not. Most people require several sessions to clear an issue, but some will shift very fast in just one session. The average number of sessions is 4.5 for a transformation, but with deep seated issues, we may see upward to 10 sessions. 

How many sessions it will take will depend on the person and the issue that they want to resolve.

Only if you want to. Some people like to take a bath to cleanse themselves before a session while others prefer to journal about their intention for the session, but a lot of people don't do anything at all.

If you want to boost your session, just focus on your intention (or goal for the session) as if it's already happened. It helps the energy to get a clear picture of what you desire.

Heck, no! It's safer than getting out of bed in the morning. 

You might feel some weird sh*t, but that's just the energy shifting. This can have a wide variety of experiences such as tingling, warmth, cold, a hand touching you, seeing colors, and other really cool stuff. You may also experience yawning, coughing, sneezing and belly gurgles as the energy moves.

Very few people will get what we call "an energy detox" where the energy frees some deep sh*t and you may experience feeling like you have a cold, emotional moments, headaches, or digestive upset. They generally clear in hours to a few days. 


Some people choose to meditate, journal, take a nap, get in the bath, stretch, or take a nature walk. This is your time to be with yourself so don't numb yourself with things like TV.  

You may experience some tingling, warmth, sleepiness, or other sensations during the sessions. This is perfectly normal.

Manifestation Reiki is when we set an intention about something in your life such as a career goal, a transition, a feeling you want to release or cultivate, etc. And then together we manifest the heck out of it using Reiki and a system of manifestation techniques. 

Relaxation Reiki is loving, relaxing energy being sent your way. It's a great way to unwind after a long week.  


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