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I understand that I am 100% responsible for my energy. I will use this shift session responsibly for my greatest and highest good.

I will not share this shift session with others as I understand that my downloaded copy's energy will evolve with my own consciousness. 

I will not copy or create my own shift session based on this material as I understand that this is copyrighted material and the intellectual property of Sherri Griffin. 

Sherri Griffin is not responsible for any misuse or misunderstanding of this material. It is not a promise for any specific outcome as our energy will dictate the desired outcome in our greatest and highest good. 

I understand there is no refund for this product. 

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Self-Love Shift Session

Embrace love, kindness, and grace for yourself during this shift session!

In this shift session, you will walk through a journey of self-love, grace, and kindness towards yourself. I will help you to release feelings around your self-worth and balance your heart center. 

This shift is meant to be repeated every 4 days for 30 days. There may be some self-assigned "homework' during the off days. 

In this Shift, you will receive the following energies: Kundalini Reiki, Violet Flame, Love Energy, Healing Earth Energy, and Spirit Energy. 

What you'll get:

  • Self-Love Shift Session Downloadable Audio
  • The energies of this shift session will be sent to you when you call them in (included in the audio). 
  • Repeat this shift session anytime you would like to uplevel your self-love game.

This will be sent to you via email. To make sure that you receive the shift, please make sure you check the box to receive emails before you purchase the shift session.