When making this call, please be aware of the following.

To Respect Both Our Time

  • Please show up at the scheduled time using the link which will be emailed to you.
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late, the event will be canceled. 
  • For to you maximize the call,  please come prepared to discuss the important aspects of your goals and obstacles. We only have 10 minutes so if you come prepared-- you will get more from the call. 

Legal Requirements:

  • This is not medical advice. If you are looking for medical advice, please see a medical doctor. 
  • This service will not diagnose treat or cure any disease. 

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Quick Energy Analysis

What Does Your Energy Say About You?

The Free Call is a no-obligation call to read your energy. In this call, I will quickly analysis your energy field and provide a quick summary of what I see and how that may impact you. 

This service is right for you if:

  1. You want a quick call with an energy reading to see how you and I will work together before you purchase any services
  2. You want to know what service will be best for your energetic state.
  3. You want a snapshot of your energy so that you can do the work yourself. 

If you have personal questions that you're looking to get a solution for, this call will not be what you're looking for. We only have 10 minutes and the majority of this will be the reading of your energy. But you are welcome to ask for ideas on how to clear your energy in the Facebook Group or grab a practice session from women learning how to clear energy in The Soul Evolution Circle.

What you'll get in The Quick Energy Analysis:

  • 10 minute free meeting on a video conference platform called Zoom.
  • A verbal snapshot of any of the following:
    • Chakra Blocks
    • Energetic Restrictions
    • Your Natural Gift
    • Aura Tears, Scars, or Blocks
    • Your Manifestation Ability
    • Past Life Blocks
    • And more. 
  • Please bring a pen and paper to take notes

This is a free call without any obligation of further services. This is a free service so you will not receive a recording nor any written records. You will be responsible for your own notes. 

What People Are Saying:

Sherri has an awesome gift, I will highly recommend her!!!

Gordonna B.

This Energy Analysis was super helpful for me. Sherri helped me with a block that I had and gave me tips to release that stucked energy. She got into the point in the very first second we talked and everything she told me was accurate and perfect for me in the moment. Thank you so much!

Sara P.

I spoke with Sherri during a discovery call several months ago. Before speaking with her, I had tried a multitude of different approaches and treatments to help with my chronic health issue and was confused and overwhelmed. Sherri helped me to gain clarity on what the next step in my health journey should be. The nuggets of wisdom Sherri posts on her page, along with her advice, helped me IMMENSELY. I felt calm, grounded, focused, and hopeful after our call. I highly recommend that you work with this highly intuitive and compassionate individual who has lived the journey that she coaches others on!

Amma M.