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Harness The Healing Power of Kundalini Energy

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful and dynamic form of Energy Work that harnesses the vibrational energy of the earth. If you've experienced other forms of Reiki, you may have noticed that the energy seems very light and relaxing. In Kundalini, the energy is very grounding, intuitive, and clearing without making you feel tired. 

It's very easy to learn Kundalini Reiki and unlike the traditional forms of energy work, there are no rituals, no hand motions to memorize, or any fancy tools you need to buy. Instead, Kundalini Reiki relies on the power of sacred intention and the healing frequencies of the earth. Pretty cool, right?

Kundalini is a unique form of Reiki and it's one of the fastest growing forms of energy work today. If you're looking to start an energy work business, increase your intuition, protect your empath nature, or just give Reiki to your family/friend, it's perfect. Not only is it FASTER than most other forms of Reiki, but it requires less prep.

In fact, what makes Kundalini Reiki stand apart is that it's fast and so powerful. Many forms of Reiki can take 60-90 minutes to do a full session, whereas a full Kundalini Reiki session generally take under 30 minutes. In fact, most Kundalini Reiki Practitioners can reset their chakras by devoting less than 5 minutes a day to self-practice. 

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"I can't believe what I do with [Reiki] now!"

Sherri Griffin is an amazing teacher! I learned a lot in her Kundalini Reiki 1, 2, and 3 classes, and honestly I can’t believe what I do with it now. It’s completely life changing!

Rebecca M.

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"It's been such a blessing!"

I took Sherri’s course and I’m so grateful that I did! She is an amazing teacher and is always available to help you on your journey. It’s been such a blessing to myself, family and friends to use this practice. Just do it! You won’t regret it!

Stephanie G.

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A lot of people wonder if learning any form of Reiki online is effective. Let me assure you, it's just as effective as going to an in-person class -- maybe more so! 

With an in-person class, you have your instructor for a day, but with an online class, you have lifetime access to all the material and videos. After all, do you want to learn via a program that you can return to for years and years or an instructor that you pay 4x as much and meet for one day and then you're responsible to remember all the details!?

Kundalini Reiki is great for anyone who wants a simple, but powerful way to work with energy. It may NOT be for people who desire to control every aspect or need exact detailed steps. This is a more intuitive style of Reiki, but if you desire to let go, it can be a great teacher.

It is also perfect for individuals who want to expand their intuitive abilities, but I'll warn you -- some people unlock a lot of gifts with Kundalini Reiki. I've seen people discover gifts they didn't know they had like mediumship, reading the akashic records, seeing past lives, increasing their clairs, empaths learn to turn it on/off, etc. If you do NOT want your intuition expanded, you may want to pass on learning Kundalini Reiki. 

How Does Reiki Work?

Energy work is when we use principles of Quantum Physics (don't worry-- it's not as hard as it sounds) to channel Universal Life Force Energy to help us achieve our greatest and highest good. We do this via hands-on healings healing in Reiki Level 1. In Reiki Level 2, we add distance healing and energetic containers so we can send light to anyone in the world.

It may sound strange to think of energy work, but this is the healing of the future! Quantum physics was created in the early 1900's and Reiki is even older than that, but our health has been stuck in the old Newtonian way of thinking. As research catches up and is proving the power of energy work, we will be seeing it become a staple in our modern world. You can be a pioneer in the new movement!

Kundalini Reiki Is So Hot Right Now...

Because it's easy and effective! Reiki is perfect for people who want to learn how to self-heal and help others, but don't have a lot of time. It's a simple technique with powerful results.

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Reiki is better than self-care -- it's soul care! When you say yes to Reiki, you are giving yourself the gift of healing in mind, body, and spirit. Unlike most traditional forms of self-care, Reiki will help change your life and bring you true transformation.

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Students who learn Kundalini Reiki report faster self-healings and increased intuitive abilities. They also find it easier to let go of past events, release emotions and gain deeper happiness with less stress. Just read some of the testimonials! 

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Instead of one weekend with an instructor, you get lifetime access to all the teachings. This means you can go at your own pace, you can pick it back up whenever you are ready, or come back to refresh your knowledge periodically.

And there is more....

You might think that those first three services are all there is, but guess again! 

  • Receive a Kundalini Reiki Attunement which opens your main energy channel to strengthened to cleanse your chakras and enhance your Reiki abilities.
  • During the attuenment, your chakras are balanced and your Heart chakra, in particular, is boosted and aids in the transmission of the Reiki energies.
  • Give yourself the gift of energy healing 
  • Increase intuition, create better empathic boundaries, and possibly find new gifts as you open your 3rd eye.
  • Learn about using crystals and essential oils in your Reiki Sessions to maximize your results.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • And more! 
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"I feel so empowered since I took the course!"


I was really surprised to learn how easy it is to heal yourself, but it's been absolutely amazing. I feel so empowered since I took the course and I'm seeing transformations happen that I didn't think were possible. I'm a believer! 

Sara H.

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"Little did I know that that taking one little course would lead me down a path of so much transformation!"


I have been skeptical of learning energy work online, but I jumped in because I trust Sherri as a teacher. I'm glad I did! Little did I know that that taking one little course would lead me down a path of so much transformation! I can't believe it, but I'm starting my own energy work business now! 

Kelly B.

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The Reiki Path Is Unique To Everyone

Many people take Reiki 1 and end their journey there. All they desire is self-transformation for themselves and for their family.

Others will go on to Reiki Level 2 where they can receive advanced training and start a business (if desired). In this training,  not only will you learn distance Reiki and expand your ability to channel energy by 30%, but you'll learn simple ways to use Reiki for every situation.

Reiki Master Training is for the elite few who show the utmost dedication to Reiki and choose to live the Reiki Path. Choose to become a Reiki Master Healer or a Reiki Master Teacher

Kundalini Reiki Level 1

  • The focus is on self-care because you need to learn how to care for yourself before you care for others. 
  • Basic Reiki for Family and Close Friends.
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Learn about the chakras
  • Become proficient in single hand position and chakra healing Reiki.
  • Increase your own inner peace and wellbeing.

Kundalini Reiki Level 2

  • Advances self-care techniques
  • Learn distance healing
  • Learn about the Aura
  • Learn advanced techniques for healing others
  • Get simplified ways to use Reiki in every situation
  • Learn Kundalini Meditation
  • Get the BONUS Business Course if you'd like to start a business and earn money through energy work. 

Kundalini Reiki Masters

  • Receive the ability to become a Master Teacher and attune others to Reiki.
  • Learn more advanced skills 
  • Receive 6 additional Reiki Attunements to uplevel your own practice.
    • DNA Reiki
    • Diamond Reiki
    • Past Life Clearing Reiki
    • Birth Trauma Reiki
    • Location Reiki
    • Crystalline Trauma Reiki

Why Independent  Online Study?

Reiki 1 is simple.

In fact, the most common question I have is "I don't understand how it can be this simple. Am I missing something?" People try to overcomplicate Kundalini Reiki Level 1, but it's not difficult. The hardest part is getting out of your own way. 

And since it's so simple, I decided to offer this as a 100% online course! Offering it as an online course limits the need for a live instructor which dramatically lowers the price! This makes the magic of Reiki more available to for everyone so we can all be empowered to take care of our own energy and our own wellbeing.

If you need extra support, you can always pop into the Facebook Group or comment directly in the course where myself and other graduates can help give you the attention you deserve.  

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Come join a free community of like-minded women where I share a tips about energy healing and the power of your intuition.


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Self-Care For The Soul

On this important healing journey, you have choices. You are not "everyone else". You deserve to walk through the path that is in alignment with who you are at soul level. I invite you to choose the path below that speaks to your heart.

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Receive monthly Group Reiki sessions, group coaching, meditations and more to help support you to develop more self-love and self-compassion on your soul's evolution

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For the independent learner, become proficient in releasing stuck emotions through meditation, expand your intuition, learn Kundalini Reiki, and so much more.