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What If There Was No "Right" Way?

It seems like every self-help book, coach, and online course wants to give you the step-by-step process to fix whatever problem you have. But how can that work? How can there be a systematic way to fix something so personal? Since when did your most intimate pain become a common commodity? 

Here is the thing. No one can tell you what to do. Only your innate wisdom knows. My goal is to help you get re-connected with the somatic wisdom that's already inside of you. When you have this connection, you can more easily move through life because you feel confident, you are clear-headed, and you can access more stability and peace of mind. But you also start to innately understand yourself and what you need as a human being. Once you deeply know yourself on a somatic level and you can flow with it, life unfolds like a miracle around you. 

So much of our society prizes the mind and its logic as supreme, but by putting the mind on a pedestal, we are thrown out of balance. Not everything should be figure-out-able through logic alone. Some things need to be processed through other means than just logic or a generic step-by-step instructions. Somatic mindfulness and Energy Work is about working to unite your whole self through the present moment, allowing space for radical compassion, healing, and self-transformation that is uniquely you. 

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Hello, I'm Sherri (she/her)

As a survivor of trauma, I know how isolating it can be. It's my mission to create a safe space for the healing of all kinds of wounds for all kinds of people.

My Education and Training:

  • Mindfulness Studies, Graduate Certificate from Lesley University. 
  • Bachelors of Nursing, BSN from University of Florida
  • Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven
  • Core Skills Trauma Certificate with Albert Wong
  • Wakeful Body, Somatic Mindfulness Training with Lama Willa Blythe Baker
  • Art-Based Healing with Albert Wong
  • Mindfulness Teacher with Shamash Aldina
  • Reiki Master in Kundalini and Usui
  • Compassion Cultivation Training with Thupten Jinpa and Laura Banks

Possible Benefits of Somatic Mindfulness and Energy Work

  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Feeling more grounded, stable, and calm even through challenging situations.
  • Creating a better relationship with your own body
  • An outlet for energy that is stuck in the soma and cannot be moved through the intellect, knowledge, or logic alone. 
  • Deeper sense of self-compassion and kindness
  • Learning how to work with difficult emotions more skillfully
  • Releasing tension patterns in the body
  • Reprogramming neural connections and rewriting unconscious conditions that maintain painful life patterns.
  • A more powerful heart chakra
  • Shifts in the physical body such as changes in posture, ease of movement, and more.
  • Improved communication and relationships
  • Letting go of shame and blame as well as the judgment of the inner critic
  • More enjoyment in even the small moments of life.
  • Accessing the wisdom of your own somatic intuition when making tough decisions.
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"Sherri brought healing through love into my life, she has opened up my perspectives and expanded concepts bringing me to a whole new level I never knew existed."


I could write a novel about Sherri! She has opened me up to so many amazing things on so many levels. Not only has she brought healing through love into my life she has opened up my perspectives and expanded concepts bringing me to a whole new level I never knew existed. She does it with love in her heart and unconditional understanding in her mind.

Rebecca M.

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"I have a clearer understanding of my gifts, my purpose, and my specialties."


Sherri helped me understand the "me" that I present to the world and because of her insights I am more confident to show that "me" out loud. I have a clearer understanding of my gifts, my purpose, and my specialties. Thank you for such insight. I love all the truths that were shared. I can't wait to let them all sink in and let the allowing to happen.

Courtney G.

Where To Start?

"If you're facing the right direction, all you have to do is keep walking" - Buddha.

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Consider this your official invitation to join my free Facebook community full of compassion, kindness and high vibes. Ask questions and get support from people who understand you while you expand your mind, dive into your own soul care, and transform your life. 

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Do you want to learn more about your emotions using mindfulness, meditation or Reiki? Then join me for FREE online workshop. If you register for the event, you'll be able to access the recording. Topics include Meditation for Emotions, Frequency and Feelings and more! 

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Kundalini Reiki is easy to learn, but it's one of the most powerful forms of Reiki today because it includes mindfulness. By learning Kundalini Reiki, you can learn the skills to mindfully let go of stuck energy and consciously create more of the energy that you want in life.

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Receive 30 to 60-minute energy healing sessions to balance your chakras, clear your aura, and create more harmony within your energy field. Energies will be intuitively chosen based on your unique situation. You may receive Kundalini or Usui Reiki, Light Spectrum Healing, Karmic Band Healing, Kundalini Activation or others...

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Each month, be invited to join the circle for two group reiki sessions plus two mindfulness support meetings. These sessions will help you to release energetic blocks and then explore yourself more clearly through mindfulness self-study so that you can become aware of your potential and what is holding you back.

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Get 1:1 support during your personal self-exploration. Work skillfully with your emotions and release your past so that you can become the version of yourself that you were destined to be. Get to know your true self by becoming present in your own felt experiences.


Trauma-Informed Practices

This practice is trauma-sensitive

I do not ask anyone to disclose trauma or any personal information that may be uncomfortable or painful to share.

I operate as a trauma-sensitive practice. That means that I operate on the scientific fact that most people have experienced some level of trauma in their lives and it is my goal to not re-traumatize anyone. I also humbly recognize that I am a limited human being who doesn't know what you may experience between our meetings. A person may be doing great, but after they leave the session, they may lose a beloved pet or experience a traumatic car accident. Change happens-- both good and bad. It is inevitable. Working with trauma-sensitive principles honors any life change as well as allows you to decide when and if you want to talk about it. Treating everyone in this way provides a greater sense of safety, stability, respect, and confidentiality, especially within groups or communities.

This practice is also inclusive as I understand that marginalization, oppression, harassment, and violence happen at a disproportionate rate to those who are in the LGBTQ+ community or are minorities, immigrants, females, or who do not identify with the religious majority. This is a safe place for all people regardless of how anyone looks, talks, identifies, dresses, or believes.

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When we are born, we are perfect and amazing bundles of love. But through life, we learn the power of pain. Pain transforms that pure bundle of love into someone who desires to be "normal", "accepted" and "safe". We often sacrifice ourselves even as children for these goals.

But I bet you're reading this because you know you weren't meant to fit into a box. You know how uncomfortable it is to fit into someone else's expectations for you, don't you? 

Inside of you, you already know that you were meant for more and you were born to be free. Free to make your own rules and shed the burden of expectation. Free to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. Free to be you.

But to do that first, you have to heal yourself from all the years of pain, rejection, loss, trauma, and grief. You have to heal so that you can step into truly being yourselves: the extraordinary version of who you are. 

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