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The purpose of this call is to discover which service is the right step for you and to let you get a feel if you actually like me (cuz I'm a little weird).

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Do You Want To Be Normal?

How do you feel about those "boxes" that society has asked you to fit into? You know, the ones that say you should act this way or that you shouldn't say that. The ones that try to tell you what a "good" person does verses what a "bitch" does. Are you exhausted from trying to be all the things you should be instead of being the person you could be? 

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
― Maya Angelou

It is my mission to help a million women ditch the stress of the shame, blame and should culture so they can fully live their own personal truth. This is about letting go of the stressful expectations and healing from your past so you can say yes to loving yourself exactly as you are. When we completely accept ourselves as we are, we are free. Free to have peace, love, and true purpose.  

There is no right place to start as long as you start somewhere. I would love to support you in your healing journey, but even if you decide I'm not right for you... start waving your quirky flag anyways. You're worth it.

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"Sherri brought healing through love into my life, she has opened up my perspectives and expanded concepts bringing me to a whole new level I never knew existed."


I could write a novel about Sherri! She has opened me up to so many amazing things on so many levels. Not only has she brought healing through love into my life she has opened up my perspectives and expanded concepts bringing me to a whole new level I never knew existed. She does it with love in her heart and unconditional understanding in her mind.

Rebecca M.

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"I have a clearer understanding of my gifts, my purpose, and my specialties."


Sherri helped me understand the "me" that I present to the world and because of her insights I am more confident to show that "me" out loud. I have a clearer understanding of my gifts, my purpose, and my specialties. Thank you for such insight. I love all the truths that were shared. I can't wait to let them all sink in and let the allowing to happen.

Courtney G.

Where Do You Want To Go?

"If you're facing the right direction, all you have to do is keep walking" - Buddha.

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If you're ready to heal from the inside out, try a distance Energy Healing session. While you relax at home, I will balance your chakras, heal your aura, and restore your energy patterns to help you feel more aligned with your truth

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When you are ready to go deeper and empower yourself to experience your own truth, learn mindfulness + meditation. Now you are stepping out from being healed to healing yourself. 

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If you're ready to take it to the next level, then join the Conscious Living Mentorship. With 1:1 guidance, you will create a unique lifestyle that harmonizes your mind, body and spirit in your own unique way.



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What Else Do Ya Got?

"Those who dare seek, shall find what they are seeking for" ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great

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Come join a free community of like-minded women where I share a tips about conscious centered living and inner healing

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For the independent soul, take your healing to the next level. Enjoy free meditations, a 5-day challenge for stress or any of the other courses

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If you want to evolve past your emotional scars and create conscious lifestyle in small, sustainable monthly steps, join the Soul Evolution

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Hello, I'm Sherri

Let's get the trauma stuff out of the way. By the time I was 30, I was sexually assaulted, developed PTSD, got divorced, became chronically ill, and got on medical disability. I did everything that society tells me to do to be happy, but I kept landing flat on my face. My motto became "The world is so unfair."

After I got on disability, something inside of me snapped. I fell on my knees and asked for a second chance. An answer was delivered, but it required hard work. For months, I devoted myself to the work not knowing if it would help me, but in just 6 months, I was cured from what doctors said was "incurable". 

Now I help women all over the world create a conscious centered lifestyle so they can make their own magic happen. But it's not about things like juicing and buying a home sauna. In fact, you don't have to buy anything because it's all about the inner work. It's about loving yourself, healing your past, and learning how to truly live in the present moment.

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When we are born, we are perfect and amazing bundles of love. But through life, we learn the power of pain. Pain transforms that pure bundle of love into someone who desires to be "normal", "accepted" and "safe". We often sacrifice ourselves even as children for these goals.

But I bet you're reading this because you know you weren't meant to fit into a box. You know how uncomfortable it is to fit into someone else's expectations for you, don't you? 

Inside of you, you already know that you were meant for more and you were born to be free. Free to make your own rules and shed the burden of expectation. Free to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. Free to be you.

But to do that first, you have to heal yourself from all the years of pain, rejection, loss, trauma, and grief. You have to heal so that you can step into truly being yourselves: the extraordinary version of who you are.