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It's super hard to change when everything around you is the same. This is one of the first things I teach my coaching clients! Your home is programmed by who you were and you now want to be an upgraded version of yourself. It can be difficult! 

If your kid is trying to change, but the old energy is tugging at him to go back to his old ways-- it's hard to stay consistent! 

If you want to change the inside, you have to change the outside to match energetically.  After all, your walls, your furniture, and everything around you has been absorbing your family's "stuff" since you got it. But even beyond that, your home has absorbed the energy of the people who lived there before. The land has absorbed the energy of events that happened even before your home was built! 

This is why I offer The Complete Energetic Home Cleansing. It's important! It's a quick! It make a big difference for your entire family -- fur babies included! 

Benefits From An Energetically Clean Home

Recharge Your Batteries

Raise Your Vibrations

Clear Negative Frequencies

What Is Included

Akashic Record Clearing of Your Home + Surrounding Property

Your home and your land have a history. The land itself has seen millions of years of change and it has a memory of all things good and bad that has happened there. 

When we clear the Akashic Records, we clear the land from the energy from battles, from burials, from natural disasters, and so much more. 

We also clear the home from the moments of construction onward. Entities, negative karma, and portals are all removed. 

Deep Cleanse with Reiki

This is another way to clean your home of negative energy. With Reiki, the homes vibrations are raised and negative energy is removed from the walls, the furniture and floor. This is considered a "deep cleaning" of energy inside the home and a new intention of love and harmony can be weaved into the energetic qualities of your house.

30 minute call

Get a 30 minute call to discuss your home's energetic clearing and anything that was found in the Akashic Records or during the Reiki Session that may be relevant to your situation or goals.

Also, get simple instructions on how to set a new intention for your home to bring you more of what you want! 

"I have grown so much just since the energetic blueprint and clearing of my house. My life has been cleared of negative energies draining from me and my home, and I have been able to begin flourishing and growing further than I ever dreamed. Thank you Sherri!"

Hollis Howard
Reiki Master

What Are You Waiting For?!

Your Home Clearing

Get your custom Home Energetic Clearing with negative energies removed using BOTH the Akashic Record and Reiki. 



Frequently Asked Questions

After you book, you'll get an email asking for your property address and the names of all residents (human and pets). These will allow me to accurately access the Akashic Records and to re-align the home with the current residence. 

For your Reiki Clearing, either the home address or a simple picture of the home will suffice. 

You are entitled to a full refund (minus fees) if you ask for a refund before you submit your address for the work to be done. 

After you submit the address, I will begin the work and at that time, no refunds will be given. 

If you are sensitive to energy, you'll feel a difference in your home. But you may not feel a lot of difference. However, if you pay attention to the subtle changes in the home and the residence, you will likely be astonished. 

Many clients report findings such as better sleep, less fighting, more energy, ability to maintain new routines, happier pets, and so much more. 

If you are an owner, lessee, tenant, or have a mortgage, you are able to have a property clearing for your home or business.

If you want a clearing, but you are not responsible for the build, then the clearing will not work. This is often the case with situations such as an adult living with their parents, or a manager who wants to clear the business property. In these cases, you will need the expressed permission of the person who is financially responsible for the building.


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