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Akashic Record Clearing

If you are feeling blocked and you want answers, the best way to get those answers is to find the limiting beliefs, chakra imbalances, and negative karma you're holding. The situational akashic record clearing goes further than just past lives-- it dives into all the energy that stops you from achieving your goals and we clear it. 



Your Energetic Blueprint

If you want clarity in your life, then this is the best way to get answers! In the akashic record, we find your blocks and restrictions so we can clear them. But we also see your gifts and soul purpose so we get clarity, direction, and stay in alignment with our highest self. 


Manifestation Magic

If you have a goal for your future that makes you a bit anxious, why not get some manifestation magic? I'll look at you energy to see your current vibration, manifestation ability, and possible choice trajectories for your future goal. This information helps us to find the best available course of action for the outcome you desire.

Together, we will make a manifestation map and set intentions to help you get your best outcome for your soul path!



The Complete Energetic Home Clearing

Your home is a critical step to your success in your journey. It's your recharge station, your haven, and your sanctuary. If it's out of alignment with you-- that just makes life harder.

Get your home cleared with BOTH Kundalini Reiki and the Akashic Records to get the most complete energetic home clearing available. 


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