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Know your gifts and how to use them?

Make time for what is truly important and makes you happy?

Create small, sustainable changes over time that make a big impact?

Celebrate and love yourself?

Learn about energy work, crystals, essential oils, meditation, and more?

To be part of a strong community of likeminded women?

"This group is beyond anything you can imagine, no matter where you are on your journey it is for you! It is a place where you see so many surrendering all that holds them back and leaning into reclaim the power within, it is motivating and inspiring for even the most broken and unsure! It is full of positivity and magic! If you are looking to evolve and don’t know how, where to start or what to do this is the group for you!"

Angie R.
Soul Evolution Member

"I love this group and the amazing ladies that are filled in it!! I’ve learned so much and have been able to step into my power and gifts! Thank you for this safe space where we can grow together and all consciously rise to our higher self."

Hollis H.
Soul Evolution Member

"This place is a safe place to grow and to expand our soul. The topics are so helpful and you can learn a lot through them."

Sara P.
Soul Evolution Member

What You Get Each Month...

Healings + Readings

Every month, members of the group offer free or deeply discounted services so they can practice their gifts in a safe place. Other members will receive these amazing readings and healing sessions in exchange for feedback or testimonies. 

Examples of sessions include tarot card readings, astrology, reiki, emotion code, oracle cards readings, akashic records, mediumship, embodiment energy work, rune readings, aromatherapy recommendations, intuitive calls, and more! 

Activations + Shift Sessions

Every month, get an energy Infused session to help you with your goals. Use these to activate new energies or shift out stale ones so you can evolve yourself into higher vibrations, release blocks, open your gifts, or to bring more balance to your life. 

Women's Wisdom

Women have special gifts in that we are more intuitive, more in flow, more in motion. We cannot learn the same way men can because we are built differently. It's time to step into our gifts as women. 

Each month receive more wisdom of the women with downloadable audios that you can listen to anywhere.

New Moon Intention Circles

Every month we join in circle to set our intentions for the next 30 days. This session is guided with love, manifestation and lots of magically moments! 

Share your intention with me and I will infuse them with energy all month. 


Soul Support Group

You get access to a supportive group of women who have similar goals, struggles, and experiences as you do.

Get ideas, brainstorm, and just feel the love! It's a great place to forge a tribe or feel a sense of community + purpose. 

Discounts on Services and Courses


As a member, you get the VIP status. You are eligible for discounts on my coaching packages, online courses, shift sessions, akashic record readings, and so much more. 

"I had expectations when joining to learn but what I didn't expect was all support and growth that would happen as I take steps towards my true purpose. I'm able to handle situations that come up with grace and ease. The connections I've made the group and the sisterhood brings me so much joy. I'm blessed I have them in my corner guiding me every step of the way."

Rhonda S.
Soul Evolution Member

"I LOVE this group of ladies 💕 it is so great to have a safe place to ask questions and not feel like its a silly question or to be judged. I have learned so much and grateful for all the support and new friends."

Shena L.
Soul Evolution Member

Am I Crazy? Maybe!

A lot of people say that I'd be insane to offer this to you for any less than $75/month. Why? Because the value is tremendous! 

In the Soul Evolution Circle, I give you monthly shift sessions that you can use anytime ($25), bespoke mini soul sessions ($40), and then give monthly women's wisdom that focus on some of the topics in my private mentorship programs.

But it doesn't end there.

You get discounts that can save hundreds each year, free readings/healings from members, and you get workshops inside of the group too. This is really a such steal! If you use just one service, you're getting your money's worth. If you use more than that, then you are saving moolah! 

People ask me why I offer this at such a low price and the answer is because I want to! There needs to be an affordable way for people to find a community that normalizes intuition and energy work, plus offers guidance on how to expand it. I know how scary it can be to go through healing and explore your gifts alone. Why should we have to? I want this to be safe place for healers and people looking to heal themselves that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

So come give us a shot and see what happens, why don't you?

"You don’t know what you don’t know. We’ve all heard it ... sometimes you just need to follow your intuition. I was at a low point and for whatever reason I did not hesitate to join this group as it was founded. BEST. DECISION. EVER. My gut knew, even if I didn’t, that this was the light to get me back on my path. So much opportunity for growth if you are willing to accept it and do the work to grow yourself. A true lifeline for me!!!"

Opal F.
Soul Evolution Member

"Not only is this a safe place for everyone, but it feels like family time or something. I know I’m in the right place not only to grow but to push myself … lightly, lol"

Rebecca M.
Soul Evolution Member

The Soul Evolution Circle

Yes! You read it right-- all of this for only $25!




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