Why Reiki?

A lot of people ask me why I include Reiki in my coaching programs, but it's because I've seen how powerful it can be. 

My Reiki Story

Trust me-- I was skeptical of Reiki when I was introduced to it in 2015. I thought it was a bunch of people doing all kinds of crazy stuff to rip off others, but then I found out that my good friend was a Reiki Master. We talked and that day I joined her Group Reiki Circle. 

In that session, I found so much calm and peace... until my stomach started to feel weird. For 3 days, I vomited. At first, I didn't put them together, but after talking to my friend she said that when we have a huge energy shift we often can have a physical manifestation of that energy leaving our bodies. 

Well, vomiting is definitely symbolic of that! 

She recommended that I take a bath and try to let go of my feelings of control and have faith in the process. And as soon as I did that-- my vomiting stopped. In an instant and never came back. 


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