Why Try Intuitive Eating?

nutrition May 14, 2019

A lot of people ask me questions like "Should I eat this?" or "Should I intermittent fast?" and I always give them an answer that leaves them staring wide-eyed at me.

"What does your body tell you?" 

Man, people hate that response. But it's the only truly good response and let me explain to you why that is. 

  • Every human body is absolutely different. Genetics. Age. Microbiome (that's your gut if you're wondering). Experiences. Emotions. They all play into how we handle foods. 
  • There is no right eating plan for all people. Can you imagine if we made all people go vegan or go on Keto? REVOLT! 
  • Your needs change over time. What you need today wasn't what you needed a decade ago. 

So the only response that truly honors you is to ask what your body says. Think about it-- if you ask me if you should eat chocolate cake or more kale, you probably know the answer, don't you? 

Of course, some answers don't come that easily. Should you intermittent fast? There is...

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