The First Step to Spiritual Healing

The 7 Steps of Healing

Let's learn about the 7 steps of Spiritual Healing. And I don't mean this is just a way to help your spirit-- this is a way to help your mind, body, and spirit. Your whole being. 
When we use these principles, we learn how to move through our problems with a map. A map that helps us to reach our highest self and to bring more light into our lives. When we use these principles we understand the simpleness of them, but also the power they have for transformation.
The first step you've probably experienced many times in your lives. 

Step 1: Get Woke

This is all about seeing the problem and realizing you deserve better.
It's really more than that. It's about KNOWING this must change.
In many ways, this is the fall to your knees moment. The moment where you know you can't go on like this. It's a big moment because this moment is what will carry you through the rest.
If it's a general annoyance, we tend to not do the work. An annoyance...
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