What Are Evolutionary Shift Sessions?

Evolutionary shift sessions are really evolutionary! They are unlike anything that I've ever see and I'm not sure if anyone else is doing anything like it. But before we dive into what they are-- we need to talk about energy work.

What Is Energy Work?

The easiest way that I can describe it is to imagine a radio station. Inside the radio station are the people who are creating the playlist and the programs. The satellite helps transmit the signal broadcast to whoever is tuned into the right channel. 

Energy work is like that except the radio station is the source of all energy (aka the universe), the energy worker is the satellite, and the person who is receiving the energy has tuned into the right station. It really is that simple! 

The beauty of energy work is that it is truly like a radio station! It doesn't matter if you are next to the radio station or if you are miles and miles away-- you can still receive the signal. The reason is that energy doesn't...

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