Balancing the Root Chakra

So many people have been coming into my practice lately with an imbalanced root chakra. Can you blame them? The world is a bit crazy and it can often feel unsafe. 

The root chakra is the center of security. It desires to feel stable and safe above all else. To the root chakra, the goal of life is survival. It is concerned with food, water, a roof over your head, money, health, and even toilet paper. 

When we see people on social media who are demanding that one person or group behave a certain way to make them feel safe, you better believe that is the root chakra talking. When it starts to wobble, our whole lives can feel imbalanced. It is the foundation of all the other chakras and all parts of our lives. That's why when you see people hoarding all the toilet paper or buying all the bread-- they aren't thinking of others. They just can't. They are in survival mode.

Of course, the root chakra isn't always that extreme. It can also surface as irritability, stress, tension,...

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