How Breathwork Can Help Manage Stress

You know that breathing is necessary for life, but you may not have thought much about how you actually breath. How you breath is an indicator for what's going on inside of your body. For many of us, we breath fast, shallow and high in the chest because we are so stimulated, stressed, and constantly in go-go-go mode. This is the adrenaline mode of our sympathetic nervous system that causes us to be in "fight or flight". In our modern world, this is kiiiiinda how we're programmed to be.

We are rarely taught to take daily time for ourselves or to do other things that held us balance the two sides of our nervous system: the stress side and the relaxation side. When our nervous system is balanced, we are constantly moving between different degrees of stress and relaxation depending on what's going on. For instance, if you are crossing the street and a car is about to hit you, then you'll be happy that your stress respond kicks in and you leap out of the way. But you wouldn't be so...

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