The First Step to Spiritual Healing

The 7 Steps of Healing

Let's learn about the 7 steps of Spiritual Healing. And I don't mean this is just a way to help your spirit-- this is a way to help your mind, body, and spirit. Your whole being. 
When we use these principles, we learn how to move through our problems with a map. A map that helps us to reach our highest self and to bring more light into our lives. When we use these principles we understand the simpleness of them, but also the power they have for transformation.
The first step you've probably experienced many times in your lives. 

Step 1: Get Woke

This is all about seeing the problem and realizing you deserve better.
It's really more than that. It's about KNOWING this must change.
In many ways, this is the fall to your knees moment. The moment where you know you can't go on like this. It's a big moment because this moment is what will carry you through the rest.
If it's a general annoyance, we tend to not do the work. An annoyance is liveable. But this is different. This MUST change.
Have you ever felt this way before? The NEED for change?
Sometimes this need will boil for a while and sometimes we act on it right away, but this isn't important. What is important is that we move to the next step when we are ready because it is only when we are ready that we will have a strong foundation to complete the sequence of healing.

Step 2: Let It Go

This is all about emotional release. This is where we see the problem and then we see the emotions attached to it. Are we in fear? Are we sad? Are we brokenhearted? Are we about to punch someone in the teeth?

How do we make a plan for release? Not like most people normally would think.

Think about this. If you're mad at your partner and you decide "How am I going to get him to stop doing that thing that drives me crazy?" then will it be a productive plan? Or will it be driven by (or at least impacted by) the negative emotions under it rather than the love to repair?

Whenever we are upset, it's a good idea to retreat and release before making any kind of outward plan. This is a time for a plan to go inward. This is about radical honesty with your emotions. This is about seeing the truth in how we feel and not logical-ing it away. It's about being in the emotion, no matter how unpleasant. It's about truly tapping into it.

This is scary for a lot of people because they are afraid of anger, fear, or grief. They bottle it in and they are either afraid of the explosion or they think it's wrong, but I have helped many people through this process and it's usually built up quite a bit in our own minds. This process is powerful, but it can be moved through quickly even with major events.

Emotions, if truly tapped into, can be released in as little as 10 seconds.

How Do We Do This? In your head.

You can journal, write letters, visualize, create expressive art, or use energy work. The important part is not to limit yourself and to fully express. If you think you shouldn't say or do that, then that is a sign you should. After all, this is in your mind, you are not actively doing this to the person or situation that impacted you. You are simply being truthful about how you feel.

In an Intuitive Healing Session, some people can process up through 5 major emotional blocks in just one session with proper guidance and an open heart. These are made for FAST progression through stage two and even through stage three (more on that tomorrow) for radical transformation. But no matter how you decide to move through your emotions, this is the foundational stage for healing. Be radically honest about how you feel.

How do you feel about being radically honest with your emotions? 

Step 3: I Think There For I Am...

This step is all about the brain. It's about looking inward to see what patterns are being created. What beliefs have you been given as a child? Young adult? Are they really what you believe now? How much of what I am doing is based on a belief system I simply accepted?

This can be a time to question our foundation or just a particular concept like boundaries or even religion based on the emotions that you released in step 2. How did I get here?

Perhaps if the emotion we released in step 2 was around anger with our relationships-- why do I always attract partners who treat me poorly?? We may look at WHY this happens. How do my beliefs and actions play a role?

EXAMPLE: Perhaps we see that our unhappiness with our relationships stems from our relationship with our father. Maybe he only paid attention to us when we behaved? What beliefs came into being from that experience in regards to our relationships with a partner? Then once you see the belief as what it is (example: I must be perfect in a relationship to deserve love), you are able to see how you desire to change it.

DESIRED BELIEF: My father only gave me attention when I was good so that made me think that I have to be perfect in a relationship, but the truth is I am not perfect and I deserve love anyway. I am worthy of love.

Perhaps it starts smaller or it's something totally different, but this is a FOUNDATION of a new belief system. You don't have to fully believe it yet-- we will come more into this in Step 4 tomorrow.
This step is all about creating what you want.

What feels right to you? What do you want to create?

You can check out all the other steps in the Intuitive Healing Group. Just check out the "units" in the group to learn more about healing yourself like an alchemist! 


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