Spiritual Thoughts on Coronavirus

Spiritual Thoughts About Coronavirus

Are you worried about coronavirus? If you are, you're in good company. A lot of people are. I see it all over social media, the news, and people are taking lots of precautions out in public.

I used to be a nurse before I was an energy worker and I wanted to give you a possible new perspective. Take what works for you and leave what doesn't. Sound fair?

Let's Not Manifest Coronavirus, m'kay?

Let's talk about mindset first.

Consider this situation:

You have 27 bottles of hand soap, but your neighbor has 0 because it's out of stock. Your neighbor gets the virus because they had no hand soap. Why? Because the fear of it made what we need to help reduce the spread out of stock. #manifestation 

And since your neighbor got it and they are touching all of their outgoing mail that your postal worker picks up before they come to your mailbox, aren't you more likely to get it now?  #moremanifestation

That's a really simple way of showing how our vibration, emotions, and actions are linked. We can bring to us what we fear... or what we desire. Our dominant feeling/thought is what comes to us because it drives our actions and our perceptions. 

This is simply the law of attraction and we see it play out all the time. If you say "I cannot handle one more drop of stress" what happens?  You get more stress, right? 

Here's a fun story (for everyone but the poor guy anyways)! Clint was telling me about a man in his chiropractor school. Every day he prays that he won't be assigned this specific teacher. He jokes about it. He talks about it. His fear is real. Guess who the very first person who got assigned to this teacher was? I think you know. 

Our mindset matters. 

Health Is Everything

I know I said mindset matters, but hear me out when I say that health is everything. If you're healthy, even if you manifest the heck out of the virus, you probably won't actually get sick. 

When you are healthy, quite often the immune response triggered by a virus or bacteria doesn't even impact you. It's possible that you've been exposed and already developed antibodies to Coronavirus and you don't even know because you didn't get sick! 

And if you're healthy but you display symptoms, this shows up as a mild form of the illness rather than the full-blown process we fear. Your body will return to a healthy state easily because that's what a healthy body is designed to do. 

And maybe you think, it's better to just avoid it.

Maybe you say "I'll just be diligent and once this virus dies off, we never have to worry about it ever again." Yeaaaah. That's not really how it works. If it was, the flu would be eradicated after one season. The common cold would have been gone centuries ago. It can change, yes. Viruses have this miraculous way of making comebacks and impacting people who even have the antibodies. Mutation is kinda what viruses are experts at. It's how they survive and thrive! 

FACT: Only two viruses have been successfully eradicated from Earth.

And I don't say that to make you scared. I say this because you survived this long with viruses all around you. This one may be stronger, but it's a sign to focus on your health! It's actually a message from the universe to show you that there is a better way! 

Focus On Your Complete Health

This is the point where I always start to hear... but I have diabetes, I am immunocompromised, I am elderly, I have small children... 

Friends, these fears are a way of giving away your power to your circumstances. Bruce Lipton, an amazing scientist, says that most illnesses are due to how we perceive our circumstances. Even if you are immunocompromised or not in the best health, you can give your body the best chance by making your complete health a priority.

I'm not saying ignore the problem. No! Not at all! I'm saying make it a priority to make your body the strongest it can be. 

My biggest desire is for you to see that being healthy in mind, body and spirit is the only way to be protected from anything. From life! And every time some virus pops up-- do you want to panic? Or do you want to feel secure in knowing you can handle it?

Sickness isn't bad. Sickness makes us stronger because it boosts our immune system. Being sick when you're already unhealthy is when it gets scary. So change the situation! 

Focus on your health. Start TODAY! Empower yourself and your family! Take any steps you can to take back your power. 

The biggest thing to consider: inflammation. And that's a tricky process, isn't it? Our modern world loves to make us inflamed. Stress, sugar, negative emotions, being too busy, eating foods that we are sensitive too, no self-care, being imbalanced, overly worried, fear, daily chemicals, etc... all impact how inflamed we are. 

Here are some ideas to decrease your inflammation:

  •  Cuddle with your critters (they are the best healers)
  •  Decrease stress, increase fun.
  •  Identify any food sensitivities and eat more whole foods.
  •  Meditate, pray or have a daily spiritual practice
  •  Focus on what you're grateful for instead of what you're scared about
  •  Slow down
  •  Release suppressed emotions
  •  Get some energy work around your fears about the virus
  •  Use plant-based products like essential oils or herbs instead of chemicals
  •  Lower your sugar intake
  •  Go see a GOOD chiropractor so they get your body communicating properly.
  •  Say daily positive affirmations about your wellness
  • Practice deep breathing

What will you do to help reduce your overall inflammation and give yourself the best chance at vitality? 

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