What Are Evolutionary Shift Sessions?

Evolutionary shift sessions are really evolutionary! They are unlike anything that I've ever see and I'm not sure if anyone else is doing anything like it. But before we dive into what they are-- we need to talk about energy work.

What Is Energy Work?

The easiest way that I can describe it is to imagine a radio station. Inside the radio station are the people who are creating the playlist and the programs. The satellite helps transmit the signal broadcast to whoever is tuned into the right channel. 

Energy work is like that except the radio station is the source of all energy (aka the universe), the energy worker is the satellite, and the person who is receiving the energy has tuned into the right station. It really is that simple! 

The beauty of energy work is that it is truly like a radio station! It doesn't matter if you are next to the radio station or if you are miles and miles away-- you can still receive the signal. The reason is that energy doesn't behave like most things we experience. If you go to an herbalist, you expect to leave with herbs. If you go to an acupuncturist, you expect to have needles put into your body by a professional. But with energy work, all the work is happening to your energy--- not your physical body. 

You see, energy work is different because we are working on a different aspect of you. Not the mind. Not the body. We work with the spirit. Not many modalities can say that! 

When I was doing personal Reiki Healings people often asked me of the energy was as powerful during a distance healing as in-person healing and I would tell them it was exactly the same! Because energy is like that radio station connecting to the satellite -- you can get the signal anywhere in the world if you are ready to experience it. 

A typical 1:1 Reiki Healing session would cost $77 and I began to notice that not everyone trusted energy work enough to pay that much so I started to create with the idea of the Evolutionary Shift Session to reach more people with this amazing work. 

What Is An Evolutionary Shift Session?

An evolutionary shift session is a revolution in energy work. Gone is the expensive single session! We welcome in an energy work session that can be used multiple times and for multiple reasons.  

  • Any time you feel attacked, rejected or unsafe, you can listen to my protection shift session to restore your spheres of protection. 
  • Anytime you want to feel restored from stress, illness, or just life in general, grab my wellness shift session.
  • If you want to expand your intuition, grab my Intuition Evolution Course which has 4 different shifts: 3rd eye expansion, trust and surrender your intuition, the Bindu Awakening, and Travelling to 5-D. 
  • Or check out my FREE shift session here

The greatest thing about shift sessions is that they aren't a one-stop-shop. You can listen to them whenever you need them and the energy is always there and it evolves with you. You can listen to them weekly or just as needed. They work with you and for you all the time! 

And the best news is that a single shift session is waaaaay cheaper than a single personal Reiki Session. It's the gift that keeps on giving! 

How To Use A Shift Session

It's very simple to use a shift session. You can listen to the guided audio and follow along to have the complete experience. I definitely recommend this especially if you are new to shift sessions. After you listen to the guided audio, you can simply call in the energies by using the given phrase in the shift session to call in the energy. 

It's really that simple. 

Check out all the available shift sessions here: https://www.sherrigriffincoach.com/evolutionary-shift-sessions

And it's transformational! If you need another perspective, then just look at these testimonials! 

Karen W: I've taken several days to reflect, absorb and analyze how the session affected me. Today I went back to the link and got no further than the cover letter when I started tingling all over with a sense of peace and calm, a swoosh of release of all anxiety. That is powerful πŸ™

Charlene V. What magical powers you posses β€ As I laid down on my bed, placed my hands on thighs, I immediately felt that tingly sensation. My body began to melt and feel heavy, like I was sinking into the earth. Not a frightening feeling, but a gentle hug from Mother. Then I felt this overwhelming feeling come over me as tears flowed from my eyes. Gratitude for all the things, the stress of selling our home, the stress of moving 4 hrs away to a new place, gratitude for new beginnings in a new home. Then Peace. Peace settled over me. My sinuses felt like I had plunged too deep into a pool, the smell of chlorine almost and that familiar tinge of water going up your nose. Then calm. All around. Strangely I feel heavy and light all in one.

Opal F. Sherri Griffin, girlfriend you have found your calling !!! πŸ’•It took me to the 3rd try to get it to play .. I am sure that is operator error on my side as I am not tech savvy. But man-o-man it was amazing. I am still feeling tingles over 30 minutes later. That is some beautiful energy you shared. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This was perfect timing and my saving grace tonight ! Thank you for sharing your gift of reiki with us! πŸ’•Y’all need to check it out! For realz! I’m still a puddle of melted peaceful chill! And I promise I had the most stressful surprise (and not surprise in a good way) 3 hour closed door meeting sprung on me this morning from my supervisors to release.

And you can find 100+ more reviews in my Facebook group, facebook page, or on my website if you're still on the fence. So what are you waiting for? Try a shift session and let me know what transforms for you! 


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