Gratitude Is A High Vibration


Gratitude is One of the Highest Vibrations

Science tells us that everything vibrates. The chair you're sitting on vibrates and the device you're looking at this email is vibrating. You are vibrating.

In fact, if you're healthy, you're vibrating in a very particular range, but if you're unwell you are below that range. Many people are looking towards vibrations to be one of the new technology in healing modalities.

The cool thing is that you don't need some fancy doctor or expensive tech to change your vibrations. Science is showing us that we can alter our vibrations through thought, emotions, and intention. In fact, the entire range of emotions has been studied and we know what we call "positive emotions" actually vibrate faster than "negative emotions". 

What do you think about that?

This goes back to mind over matter and the idea that how we think, feel and react to the outside world is what causes us to be well or unwell. This is not to say that we should avoid all "negative" emotions -- they have a place and are important messengers-- but we can learn through energy healing and mindfulness how to move through these emotions skillfully and with ease. 

One way you can start to practice raising your vibrations is to practice Gratitude.

As we start the week of Thanksgiving, it may be a great time to practice being in the vibration of gratitude. This doesn't mean ignoring any of the bad things, but rather choosing gratitude whenever possible. 

If we intentionally look for things to be thankful for we start to give ourselves more opportunities to spread joy to others, but also to more frequently raise our vibrations, our health, and our happiness. Often, we ignore many of the blessings of life because they seem ordinary or mundane, but what if we stopped to appreciate the process of breathing or how millions of complex processes often goes smoothly as a child develops in the womb? You can start to see much of life as a miracle.

You can also turn your mind to your basic needs. Are they met? We often get wrapped up in having more, but if we sit down to think about it... do we have what we need? When we can differentiate between what we need and what we want, a lot of stress can fall away. Just take a moment to acknowledge how wonderful it is that you have a roof over your head, food in your fridge, or clean water to drink. 

This Isn't About Avoidance or Suppression

It's not about only experiencing good things, but rather coming back to the good emotion by choice even when things seem neutral or even if we don't feel like it. 

The important distinction here is not to avoid negative emotions, but to notice when they come up and let them pass through us like a rain cloud passes through the sky. Negative emotions may have a lower vibration, but they aren't bad. They are normal parts of being human- we are constantly in flux, adapting to our environment. If we were always in positive emotional states, we may not run from danger or be able to tell when a situation isn't in our highest good.

We just don't want to sit in them purposefully through rumination, gossip, anger, or suppression. Instead, we can feel the emotion without contextualization until it dissolves and then we can more naturally turn our minds to a more neutral or positive emotion, like gratitude.

When we can turn our minds to gratitude for simple things, we begin to train the brain to re-wire itself to see gratitude in places we often overlooked. How would your life be different if you connected to even the smallest blessings when they arise such as a bird's song or sip of warm tea? Doesn't that sound like a joyful way to live?


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