Meet My Ghost, Frank

I Have A Ghost Named Frank

A few years ago Clint and I moved to our dream house in the mountains. We were lucky enough to find 7 acres outside of Asheville, NC (a super hippie town) and start a small homestead.

Almost immediately after we moved, I felt an unsettling energy in the upstairs office. I diffused essential oils, smudged sage, placed every crystal I owned in that room and nothing worked. I even used Reiki to clear the room. No change. I was floored as to why this energy was so persistent!

A few months after we moved in, the previous owner's son came by to get a ladder he left. He told us that his father, Frank, died in the upstairs office in the exact spot that I felt the unsettled energy! I knew what it was! Frank was still in our home!

Once I knew, I had a better idea of what to do, but I'd never worked that kind of energy before. As I was learning, he kept coming back looking for his wife. Through the Akashic Records, I was able to help Frank move to the other side, but not before we had a conversation. And this conversation was really enlightening to me and I thought this information may be interesting to you.

My Conversation With Frank, The Ghost.

Frank was retired, living his best life with his wife when he had a stroke. He didn't remember the stroke, as it was quite sudden. Instead, all he remembers is light.

He told me that the light we hear about is really a tunnel that connects the earthly world and the spiritual world. In this tunnel, transformation happens. You begin to shed the earthly constraints and begin to see the truth of who you are (a spirit) and you begin to gain knowledge to prepare you for this next phase. At some point in this tunnel, Frank realized that his wife wasn't with him and he decided to turn around.

As he came back towards this earthly dimension, he was very confused and disoriented. He didn't fully understand what was happening or that he had passed away or that the EMS team had taken his body. He was just looking for his wife.

First, he was attached to this house and, in particular, the room he died. He would wait for his wife to come into the room, but she rarely did. When we moved in and as I did my energy work, he was given more access to roam. I didn't fully understand how to properly free an earth-bound spirit at this time so I wasn't able to help him transition-- only leave.

Later, as I was learning how to properly set an earthbound spirit free, I was able to sever the connection to the house. During that time, Frank had an experience where a higher spirit came to help him go to the light. He found the tunnel but decided to not go into the light without his wife. He decided that he would find her and they would go in together. This time, he spent a great deal of effort finding his way back to the home. At first, he was afraid to contact me because he was afraid I would make him go into the light, but then he decided it was his only chance. He began to initiate contact so he could find out if I knew where his wife went.

The process was slow to try to establish communication. At first, I'd see flashes of him in my peripheral vision, but one day it happened. It was like if we met for lunch one day and talked about our lives. Except one of us had a hard time maintaining any kind of physical form.

He told me his story and asked me to help him find his wife. Little did he know, his wife had moved to Florida and developed an aggressive form of cancer soon after she arrived. I had no idea where exactly she moved to, how to get in contact with her or even if she was still alive.

I told him that I would help him move on and it was likely she was already on the other side waiting for him. At first, he was angry that she left without waiting for him. My spirit guide acted as my shield against his anger, but eventually, I was able to open his Akashic Record, clear his past karma, and ask that he be received with joy to his next spiritual experience. A higher dimensional being came into the space with us and escorted him to the light.

This is the power of love, my friend.

A man willing to search for his wife endlessly! I imagine their reunion will be one of the greatest celebrations in the spirit realm. A love story across dimensions!



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