The Foundation For Self-Healing


What is the Foundation for Self-Healing?

It's not a secret and it's not rocket science. You may not even believe me when I tell you, but it is the foundation of healing. Without it, it's like building your house on sand. As soon as you are challenged, the house crashes down and you're left with a mess.

The foundation to healing is being kind and compassionate to your present moment situation, which, by the way, includes you and every component that created this situation. Lemme give you some examples:

  1. When I healed my body from autoimmune disease, I quit fighting it, complaining about the pain, and wishing my situation was different than it was. Instead, I decided to try to be kind to this broken body and work with what was happening in the present moment. 
  2. After my assault-- and if I'm being honest, many, many years after my assault-- I quit blaming myself, I quit blaming him and I quit carrying around rage and regret that my life had become something different than I had planned. Instead, I decided to take care of the person who I had been disappointed with: myself.

"To take care of" is broad. It's not something that you can find specific steps to by reading a book or hiring a coach because what is happening to you is unique. No one in the world is shaped like you: with your beliefs, opinions, values, priorities, expectations, and experiences. No one is experiencing exactly what you experience right now.. even just reading this email. The things that stand out, the takeaways, the things you disagree with -- they are all a unique pattern that represents your past and how you responded to it. And that's just an email. What about when it's about pain?

Unfortunately, taking care of yourself and your situation isn't a one-stop-shop. It's doesn't always mean that you must forgive, stop being angry, give up every drop of sugar, or do the thing you think you "should" do. The How isn't solid or concrete-- its fluid and it changes from moment to moment. If over the course of the day, you ask yourself "What do I need right now?" several times, you will see that it is always changing.

The key is to deal with what comes up in the present moment. The past has already happened-- it cannot be changed. But the future can be changed by what you do right now. 

Can you see that the present moment is the key to healing? 

When we are kind to what comes up in the present moment -- we are offering grace, acceptance, and compassion. We can recognize emotional or physical pain, but the more we fight it the more it persists. Instead, we can be kind to the pain much like if you saw a small child fall down and cry. You can offer this same kind of kindness to yourself when you are in pain. You can offer that same grace to others, too.

When we offer kindness we bring a sense of relaxation to every moment. Kindness creates a more friendly place and in that space, we can more easily heal ourselves.

What do you think?

I'd love to hear your point of view. Please head over to our Facebook Group to share your thoughts. All ideas are welcome. 


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