Aromatherapy For Emotional Release

A lot of people swear by aromatherapy for emotional release. This is because aromatherapy is one of the few things we can do that has a direct impact on the mind. 

You can test this theory by think of a smell that jogs a memory. For me, its the smell of old lady rose perfume. My great-grandmother always smelled like that and her bedroom was an explosion of it. Now whenever I smell some a rose scent, I'm transported back to her.

Do you have a smell like that?

Sometimes these scents are so ingrained into our brain that they cause an emotional response instead of a memory. For instance, simply think of smelling fresh peppermint and noticing how it makes you feel? 

Smells can do this because they directly impact the limbic center of our brain. The limbic system is the emotional center of our body and it is responsible for the experience and expression of emotion. To think that smell can do that! It's amazing, isn't it? 

Using Scent To Release Emotions

When we have a negative emotion, we can use a particular scent to help shift our energy to a happier mood. Research has even proven this to be true with studies confirming that essential oils do impact the brain in tremendous ways. The two most researched essential oils at this time are lavender (calming) and orange (uplifting). 

But there are many more you can choose from. You can simply smell an oil to see how it makes you feel or you can choose one that is frequently associated with a particular mood.

  • Frankincense during times of stress. 
  • Balsam Fir when you need to be grounded.
  • Lemon for grief or sadness.
  • Patchouli when your mind is cluttered.
  • Clary Sage when you’re having a hard time unplugging and relaxing.
  • Chamomile when you're angry.
  • Sandalwood when you're feeling like you can't shake the negative mood. 
  • Palo Santo to slow down an overactive mind.
  • Ylang Ylang when you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom. 

How To Use Aromatherapy for Emotions

The most popular way is to diffuse it. You simply add water to the base of the diffuser, put in a few drops of essential oil then press a button. TADA! All done. Breath in that bad boy and feel amazing! 

Some people like to apply oils directly to their body, which works well in public spaces or while traveling and staying in hotels. You can apply the oil to your palms, cupping your hands and inhaling the oil. 

You can also take a daily or weekly bath with essential oils to help you unwind and release emotions. Simply choose an essential oil based on the emotion you desire to release and add 5-7 drops of essential oil to 1 cup of Epsom salt. Put it in your bath while the water is still running and enjoy the amazing scents! 

But if you're a pro (or just really forgetful) a great thing to do is make a roll on that you can keep in your purse or keep at your desk at work. 

Stress Roll-On #1

  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Palo Santo Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Frankincense Essential Ol
  • 3 drops Orange Essential Oil
  • Liquid carrier oil of choice (I like jojoba
  • Roller fitment + used essential oil bottle OR a 5 ml roll-on bottle like this one

DIY Anger Management Roll-On #2

  • 15 drops Palo Santo
  • 10 drops Roman Chamomile
  • 10 drops Balsam Fir
  • Liquid carrier oil of choice (I like jojoba
  • Roller fitment + used 5 ml essential oil bottle OR a 5 ml roll-on bottle like this one. 

In both cases, add the essential oils to the roll-on bottle. After they are added, fill the rest of the bottle full of carrier oil until its near to the neck of the bottle (but not above it). Put the roller top on and tada! You're done!

How to Release Emotional Patterns

To break emotional patterns, we have to break the pattern, right? 

So let's say that you have test anxiety and it causes you to not perform as well as you know you can. One way to help this is to use a particular essential oil for each subject while you study and then to use that same essential oil during the test. This helps memory recall, but it also forms a new pattern which can help to break the old one.

This can also be used for work meetings, presentations, or any particular activity that makes you nervous. 

How about emotional responses to people or unpredictable circumstances? 

Well, that one is harder, but it's not impossible. What is recommended is to pick a single essential oil that works with that emotion. Let's say use the example of irritability due to being unappreciated and overworked by the family so lavender essential oil is chosen. 

  1. Diffuse lavender 3 times a day for 30 days for 30 minutes each time spread out over the day. Don't try to get away with one long aromatherapy session. Nope. That counts as one session. 
  2. While it diffuses, in your head think about why you love your family and what you're grateful for them. You can be meditating or cleaning-- it doesn't matter. Just focus on what is good with love or gratitude. 
  3. Once a day (morning or night works best) say an intention while you smell the lavender oil. Something like "My family is a loving family" or "I handle stress with grace and ease." 
  4. Journal and consider what actions you can take to help improve your family's situation, including your own happiness. These aren't actions that your family must also take, but only you. However, they can impact your family.
    • Such as if you decide an action you must take is to set a boundary by creating a chore chart for the kids or telling your husband that you will walk away from a disagreement if he disrespects you. 
    • What is not productive is saying that your kids need to be more responsible and clean their rooms for you to be happy. Don't they know all that you do for them?! The responsibility lies with you to set the rule to have a clean house and for you to be consistent in the implementation and the consequences if it is not done. Does that make sense? 

Quality of Essential Oils

I have worked with several women who have received chemical burns due to using essential oils that were not suitable for contact with the skin. 

Not all essential oils are created equal. Please read the labels and make sure that the essential oils you use are suitable for aromatherapy and topical use. 

Remember, just like marketing with food-- marketing with essential oils can also be tricky and greenwashing is a problem. Words like "pure" or "natural" do not have any current legal meaning so there are products that state they are "pure" when they have a majority of ingredients as synthetics, fillers, and artificial fragrance. 

If possible, do some research on essential oil companies or talk to some friends to see about which brands they use and how they use them. After all, cleaning with essential oils has a different threshold than using essential oils for emotions. 

Preferably, look for companies that...

  • Do not use chemical pesticides
  • Use organical or biological methods to grow the plants
  • Uses non-GMO seeds
  • Uses sustainable agriculture models
  • Has essential oils that are out of stock. After all, these are plant-based and plants grow in seasons. If all their products are in stock-- where are they getting all these extra plant materials? 
  • Their frankincense is at least $40 a bottle and their rose oil is over $150 a bottle. These are often a very easy way to quickly assess the quality of a company. 

I use this brand of essential oil if you're looking for one (Young Living). I recommend the Premium Starter Kit because you get 12 different essential oils and a diffuser for dirt cheap! It's how I got addicted... I mean started! 

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