5 Ways to Clear Your Home of Negative Energy


Cleansing a home is not the same as cleaning a home! Clearing a home is about the unseen elements of your home that impact you and your family in ways you may not notice. It's about the energy that your home is transmitting-- sometimes it's subtle and sometimes it's, well, not. 

Cleansing is great in general because it's like a fresh start. The energy of your home won't be impacting you or your family. Instead you get to start anew with your intention for your space. You don't need a fancy reason except you're worth it. 

Buuuut it is pretty amazing when you're doing big life changing things like trying to sell/buy a home, when you're trying to kick an old habit, when you introduce a new family member to the home, or after an emotionally difficult time.  And let's be honest... it's 2020. The world is pretty cuckoo. We need all the help we can get.

The late and great Mr. Albert Einstein said that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. And you just happen to be a great master of energy. You are always taking energy and transmuting it into different things. Like when you are in a great mood until you notice that the kitchen sink is broken and then suddenly you are worried about the cost of repair. You changed the energy of happiness to the energy of worry! You brilliant energy master, you!

But let me ask you this. If you decided to release the energy of worry, where do you think it goes? Does it just POOF! Go away? Or does it stay around? 

According to Mr. Einstein, it never goes away. It cannot be created nor destroyed, only transmuted (or changed), right? You see, every time you let an emotion  (aka energy) out of your body... it has to go somewhere and it can often get lodged in your surroundings. Ancients believed in the practice of cleansing your home because they knew the importance of having a clear space. Negative energy can throw us off, put us in a funky mood, keep us repeating old patterns, or even impact our relationships.

But it may not be just your "stuff" either.

Let's say that you happily move into a new home that was previously owned by a couple who fought all the time. Or maybe it's an apartment where people come and go every couple of years so it's a smorgasbord of energy? Or worse... maybe abuse or assault happened in the home. All of their energy could be stuck in the walls or floors of your space. 

How To Cleanse Your Home

Cleansing your home can be very easy! You can choose to clear a single room or your entire house. 

In this blog, I will walk you through 5 ways to cleanse your home. They start at the most basic and move into the most thorough. Just because one is the deepest cleanse doesn't mean you need it. You choose which is best for you. A lot of people start somewhere in steps 1, 2 or 3 and then move up if they feel they want more.

Let's talk about the options now! 

Smudge Spray

A smudge spray uses herbs and liquid to create a cleansing mist. It helps to not only trap physical elements such as dust but also to gently lift out negative energy. 

You can create the smudge spray by combining the following ingredients into an 8-ounce spray bottle:

  • 1/2 cup purified water
  • 1 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/2 cup witch hazel
  • 20 drops palo santo essential oil
  • 20 drops sage essential oil
Add the essential oils and the salt mixture to the bottle first, then add the water and witch hazel. Give it a good shake and spray away. 

METHOD: Spray lightly on curtains, upholstery, bedding, clothing, rugs, towels, or anything it can "stick" to. 

BEST FOR: Quick targeted cleansing for specific areas or for pre-used/loaned items, especially clothing, used furniture, and so on.

REPEAT: Weekly or as needed

ALTERNATIVE: You can diffuse Palo Santo and Sage in your diffuser for a particular room. 


You can also use crystals to clear your space. Crystals are living rocks that have a higher vibration. These vibrations carry over into your home to help create the atmosphere you want. Certain crystals have the ability to transmute energy such as Selenite. Placing a piece of selenite in a room can help keep the energy clear 24/7 and you have zero maintenance. Nice, right? 

Another great option is using protection crystals to ward off negative energy. Protection crystals are usually black or brown such as onyx, tourmaline, smokey quartz, apache tears, etc. 

When you have the crystals that you want to use, be sure to clear them first so they are free of any previous programming and then ask them to protect/clear your home. 

METHOD: Place a crystal in the room you'd like to clear. Keep it in the room at all times.  If you're trying to clear a big room, multiple crystals (or one big one) may be needed. When in doubt, place a crystal in each corner of the room.

BEST FOR: Areas you want to keep clear constantly such as a family room or bedroom.

REPEAT: If you leave the crystal there, you will never have to repeat it, but it's a good idea to clear the crystals monthly either via a full moon, putting them in a bowl of salt for 24 hours, placing them on a block of selenite, using sound therapy (more about that next) or through the burning of a herb (coming up) and then resetting the intention. 

NOTE: Selenite NEVER has to be cleared and should not be exposed to water. 

ALTERNATIVE: If you really want to go all out, place a piece of selenite and a black crystal at the four main corners of your home. This is both a protection and a clearing grid to help keep your home radiating beautiful energy.

Sound Therapy

Ancients believed that sound was healing. Words such as the name of God was forbidden to speak as it was too powerful. Other words had healing abilities or would be used during devotions. Through research, we have found that they were right! Words have power! 

But it's not the word that is powerful-- it's the vibration it emits. Thanks to science we've been able to show which vibration is good for the desired outcome. For instance, the 528 Hz Tuning Fork or Singing Bowl is great for healing and stress. For clearing spaces, the 4096 frequency is ideal. It can even clear your crystals, too! 

METHOD: Tap the tuning fork with the mallet and walk around your room. When you can no longer hear the sound, tap the tuning fork again. Continue until you've walked around your entire space. 

If you're clearing your crystals, hold the crystal in one hand and the crystal tuning fork in your other hand. Gently tap the tuning fork on the rough/flat end (not the point) of the crystal.  Close your eyes and meditate on the sound as well as the feeling of the crystal in your hand.  Once the sound stops, set your intention in the crystal. 

BEST FOR: Spaces that are infrequently used or spaces that have had an emotional release.

REPEAT: Monthy or as needed

ALTERNATIVE: You could also use a Tibet singing bowl such as this one. Note that this is a much smaller and affordable option than the one in the picture. If you would like a larger Tibet Singing Bowl, then check out this link

Smudging Herbs

Smudging herbs is nothing new. People have been doing it since recorded time all around the globe using dried herbs or incense. The most famous are the Native Americas, but they were widely used in Europe, South America, Asia, etc. 

Smudging has numerous benefits beyond clearing a home, but it may be contraindicated in people who have airway diseases such as Asthma. 

To smudge you will need...

  • Dried herbs either bundled into a smudge stick or they can be loose herbs.
  • A fireproof bowl
  • A lighter
  • A cracked or open window
  • Optional: Feather

You can check out this smudge kit if you'd like to get a bowl, sage, and palo santo sticks to see which you prefer. 

METHOD: Crack open a window to allow the smoke to escape. Place your herbs slightly above your fireproof bowl and use the lighter to heat them enough so they begin to smoke. If there are flames, blow out the flames. Place it gently into the bowl and you can fan it with your feather or hand to get it really going. Walk around the space, close to the wall. Pay a bit more attention to the corners of your space and any windows or doors as energy can accumulate there.

After you have finished clearing your space, allow the smudge stick to burn out and then toss the cooled ashes in your garden. 

BEST FOR: Deeper cleaning of a space or home. Can also be used to clear objects and crystals by holding them over the smoldering herbs and letting the smoke clear them.

REPEAT: Monthy or as needed

ALTERNATIVE: Most people have heard of smudging sage, but you can really smudge any dried herb such as rosemary, basil, or thyme. You can also use tree-based smudging sticks like cedar or palo santo. There are many options you can use to smudge to clear a space. 

Reiki or Akashic Records

For homes that need a really deep cleanse, I'd recommend Reiki or the Akashic Records for your clearing. These homes are usually ones that have tried to use other means, but they still haven't gotten the results they wanted or they may have entities hanging around in their space. You may remember my Frank, My Ghost, blog post. It's a highly romantic ghost story so if you're in the mood, I'd recommend it. 

The Reiki Clearing moves through the home transmuting the old energy into a new intention. It goes much deeper than the other clearings we spoke about. If you're Reiki Trained, you can clear your own home using the following instructions

  • Using your teaching per your Reiki Master, call in the energy
  • Set an intention for the space
  • Say your blessing/prayer to ask for guidance or assistance
  • Sit in the middle of the room and visualize the energy sweeping over the entire space, starting in one corner and moving until it folds back onto itself, cleaning and clearing away impurities. Use any appropriate symbols that your Reiki Master gave you.
  • Repeat with the floor and ceiling. 
  • Repeat both steps seeding in the new intention
  • Give thanks, say a blessing for the new intention. 

If you'd like to learn more about learning Reiki, you can check out this page: Reiki Level 1Reiki clearings can be repeated as needed for your home, but it's recommended that they be done monthly.

The Akashic Record Clearing is quite different in that it clears everything. This is where you are clearing karma, entities, attachments, and loops of behavior. This is the only clearing that actually clears the land your home sits on so if it experienced any kind of battle, death, or hardship in all of its existence-- it is cleared. To give you an idea of the depth of this clearing, it goes so deep that it takes 21 days to complete. 

Akashic Record Clearings generally only need to be done once, but they may be repeated for major life events such as divorce, loss of a family member, or the introduction of a new family member.

You must be an Akashic Record Practitioner to complete a home clearing of this magnitude. If you are interested in a combined Reiki-Akashic Record Home Clearing, check out the Complete Home Clearing

Setting The Intention

After you cleanse your room or your entire home, you can set an intention for that space. The energy is now more neutral-ish so give it a boost with your intention. You can transmute any remaining energy to work for you through this process.

After you do whichever step you choose from the 5 options, go to the main wall of that space, place a hand on that wall, and say a blessing such as "May you bless my family with love". Take a few moments to envision what this would look like so you can get into the happy emotions you want to bring to your life. Thank the house for supporting you all. 

You can even get your children or partner on board by having them set intentions as well. You can definitely have more than one in a home! 

If you have any questions, it's best to ask in our 100% free Facebook Group. Join by Clicking Here

Happy home clearing! Let me know how it goes!


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