Balancing the Root Chakra

So many people have been coming into my practice lately with an imbalanced root chakra. Can you blame them? The world is a bit crazy and it can often feel unsafe. 

The root chakra is the center of security. It desires to feel stable and safe above all else. To the root chakra, the goal of life is survival. It is concerned with food, water, a roof over your head, money, health, and even toilet paper. 

When we see people on social media who are demanding that one person or group behave a certain way to make them feel safe, you better believe that is the root chakra talking. When it starts to wobble, our whole lives can feel imbalanced. It is the foundation of all the other chakras and all parts of our lives. That's why when you see people hoarding all the toilet paper or buying all the bread-- they aren't thinking of others. They just can't. They are in survival mode.

Of course, the root chakra isn't always that extreme. It can also surface as irritability, stress, tension, giving up, fear, and the desire to make things safe in whatever way we can. For some people that's external safety-- passing laws, getting people to abide with what we know is right, or shaming people who don't do what we think is the proper response. Other people just hold it all inside of them. They could suppress anger, fear, doubt, worry until it explodes from them like a can under pressure popping. Both cases are examples of how the root chakra works when it's not balanced.

But it's not just a pandemic or racial tensions that cause this imbalance. It can exasperate it, but for many of us... it's always there. Carl Jung, a swiss psychologist, said "There are plenty of people who aren't not yet born" about the chronic nature of the imbalance of the root chakra in our modern world. He says, "They seem to be all here, they walk about-- but as a matter of fact, they are not yet born.... they have not fully formed a connection to this world. They are living a conditioned life..." 

So How Do We Get The Root Chakra To Balance? 

First, let's not think of this chakra is bad or something that must be tamed. Rather let's embrace it like a mother would embrace her child who was afraid. We can give that insecurity inside of us love and understanding- not to let it grow, but to be the comforting hug of a caregiver. 

Next, we can check into reality. How many times have you faced difficult times and survived? How many of those times made you stronger or gave you a positive lesson? Will you survive this too? 

We can also try to let go of our assumptions. The simple realization that what is right for us may not be right for everyone else can be a huge relief. When we hold others to our expectation it often doesn't work out well for either of us. We may fight, de-friend each other on social media, hold a grudge, or it may increase our sense of insecurity even more. Instead, if we turn the focus on ourselves we can make a real change in our root chakra. What do we need (from ourselves) to nurture our selves to feel safe and secure? 

Can You Use Energy Work or Tool To Help The Root Chakra?

Of course! There are many tools you can use to help calm and balance the root chakra.

Crystals for the root chakra include obsidian, red jasper, smokey quartz, tourmaline, and Apache Tears. You can carry one with you at all times or perhaps you could choose to meditate or do an energy work session with one.

Essential oils that benefit the root chakra are any oil that is made from a root such as Valerian or Ginger. You can also use tree oils to help promote grounding such as Pine, Spruce, or Furs. I would suggest putting essential oils either on your tailbone area or on your feet for your root chakra. 

Sound Therapy is also a great way to balance your root chakra. You can listen to any vibration at the level of 194 Hz, 396 Hz, or 432 Hz. It is best to listen to each of these vibrations on YouTube or Spotify before purchasing to see which resonates with you.  You could choose options such as musictuning forks or singing bowls

Meditation is a great way to balance your chakras. I personally love Yoga Nidras which is "Sleep Yoga". It's a fantastic way to relax your entire body, your mind, and move into calming brain waves such as Alpha, Theta, and even Delta since stress happens in Beta brain waves!  You can release quite a bit of tension/energy and also feel rejuvenated! They say that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra can make your body feel as if it had 3 hours of sleep! Talk about a power nap. If you want to try Yoga Nidras, I will be hosting Yoga Nidra Sessions in The Soul Evolution Circle every month. 

Energy Work is, of course, a great option. You could go outside and put your feet into the grass to get the beautiful grounding energy of mother nature to stabilize your Root Chakra. If you know how to perform energy work, you can do daily sessions on yourself that are focused on the intentions of feeling safe and secure or releasing fear (you can learn here). Or you may want to purchase a session from a seasoned energy work practitioner. 

Whatever you choose, I hope that you start to feel how safe and held you are in this world. You are a beautiful human being who has a mission in this world to accomplish. Have a beautiful day. 


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