When I started my first business, I honestly didn't pay attention to how much money I was making. Let's be real: most of my life I have been happiest being ignorant about money. Even when I don't have enough, I just never look at it and I hope the problems will go away. But then tax time came and for the first time, I saw how much I made that year. 


Fear gripped me and I couldn't even explain it. I always thought more money would make me happy, but this didn't feel like happy. This felt awful! 

I kept remembering the words my father would say, "People who made a lot of money were corrupt, greedy and selfish". Funny enough, my adult brain didn't remember to factor in inflation over the last 20 years or that my dad's cut off for having "too much" was always about $5,000 more than what he made. 

My brain simply said, "You are greedy. You are selfish. You are corrupt." I just stopped making money and my income was cut in half.  

It was a journey into self-discovery that helped me to understand abundance blocks and how to overcome them. I've spent the last 3 years studying and practicing to find what really worked. 

Guess what I found? Limiting beliefs are everywhere. 

I think in all of my years in personal development and teaching, I've never seen one thing with so many negative attachments. And all of those negative attachments on abundance are really blocking us from experiencing true abundance in our own unique way. It's time to break the cycle! 

3 Mini Workshops

All workshops are in mp3 format so you can download and listen from anywhere!

How To Manifest Abundance

Most people don't know how to manifest. Learn how to manifest abundance the right way fast.

Build An Abby

When we change how we view money, our relationship with money changes and we start to break limiting beliefs.

Breaking The Money Blocks

Let's look at some of the most popular money blocks and I'll show you how to just blow them up.

Shift Session

Get an energy infused shift session to help you release your abundance blocks

What's A Shift Session?

A shift session is programmed energy work sent to you. You can access it anytime, any place and it's filled with energy of abundance. 

This Abundance Shift Session is infused with gratitude, manifestation and the vibration of abundance. It will help to release blocks associated around our limiting beliefs around money and our own worth. It will help clear the path for you to see your true potential for abundance.

Including in the workshop is a downloadable audio with instructions on how to access the Shift Session, what you may experience during and after the session, what those experiences mean, and how to release any blocks that come up.

Your Bonuses!

Abundance Meditation

Learn a quick abundance meditation to help break though feelings of unworthiness and the limiting belief that money must be hard to earn or keep. 

Abundance Bath

Get a fantastic self-care ritual to use to get clarity on what may be holding you back from abundance. But one of the powerhouse results of this ritual is that you can begin to see what abundance means to you. 

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3 Mini Workshops

2 Abundance Rituals

1 Energy Infused Shift Session


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