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Hi There! Meet Sherri

Hello! Thanks for checking out my site!! I'm flattered that you want to know more about little ole' me and my mission!

My name is Sherri. Very nice to meet you. {virtual handshake or hug: whatever you're comfortable with} My mission is to help a million people heal their feminine wounds, find their gifts and step into their authentic power.

Bold statement, eh? Hear me out, okay?



I know we just met so this may be TMI, but in 2005, I was raped. I tell you this not for sympathy, but for you to understand that my world was rocked. I quit taking care of myself, I didn't trust anyone, and I went on a downward spiral.

Over the next 9 years, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, hypothyroidism, IBS, fibromyalgia, diabetes, lupus, and a neurological... yada yada yada. I couldn't see my worth if you stuck it in front of my face. I was on a very restrictive diet that tasted like cardboard and I was wondering if there was even a point left to any of this. 

Around that time, I knew I had a choice. I could claw my way out of this or I could be miserable until I died (soon). 

This was the moment my intuition knocked and I listened. 6 months later, I walked out of my doctors office off of all medication and in full use of my body and my mind. My doctors said I was a miracle, but I knew the truth-- it was my choice. 

My friend, you are more powerful than you know.

  • You have the power to choose what your life will be and to create that life. 
  • You can love yourself unconditionally.
  • You can use your innate gifts to help yourself and others.
  • You can heal yourself on the mind, body, spirit level of anything. 
  • You can create the life you choose to live despite your current circumstances, fears, or restrictions.

And maybe that sounds too good to be true, but I believe it with my entire heart and I will work my butt off to help you get there. 

Why I Became An Intuitive Evolutionary Guide

This path was always what I was supposed to do and I've seen the signs pointing me in this direction for years. So, I don't think I chose it. It is part of me and I just had to stop fighting it.

When I stopped fighting and I embraced my soul path, I healed myself, abundance came to me, my relationships with my partner flourished, and life just became easier in every way. That's what I call being in alignment with your soul, your very essence! This is what I want to teach everyone because it is so life changing! 

When we are in alignment with our gifts and our core energy, we are no longer struggling. We find happiness, love, and success with ease. Life becomes our oyster and we get to play every day. But this isn't all fun and games... this takes inner healing and some scary leaps of faith. 


Taking Leaps of Faith...

My story isn't unlike most people's stories. I was a regular person. I grew up in a family who wasn't always perfect and then as an adult, I got a normal job. I was a nurse for nearly a decade before I got too sick to work, but if I'm being honest I was miserable way before then. This was my wake up call.

In 6 months, I cured myself, but instead of going back to being a nurse (my safety) I took the leap of faith to start my own business helping others get well. This business was in alignment with my soul path and it was booming in just a few short months. This business helped my family to be able to move to our dream mountain home, create a homestead, and give me fulfillment by helping thousands of women to uplevel their lives.

But something was still missing. 

So many of my clients remained trapped in the fear, limiting beliefs, and past emotions that they were given over the course of their lives. These were like chains that kept them stuck to the same exact place year after year. The truth was that I had been hiding my intuition and my energy work prior to this because I was afraid it would "freak people out" and they would think I was too "new age" or "witchy". But when I stepped into this new part of my soul path and claimed my intuition and my energy work, everything upleveled yet again!  

  • My clients got bigger and faster results
  • Others felt empowered to claim their own gifts
  • Clients were starting their own businesses and making money from their gifts
  • Clients were recovering in mind, body and spirit from lifelong emotional pain, physical illnesses and trauma
  • Women were telling me about how much more confident they felt and how much more they loved themselves
  • My own happiness, abundance, self-love, and relationships grew yet again


This is my life's work and I am so excited and blessed to be able to do this fully and completely with you. We are all connected and as we grow together, we uplevel not only ourselves, but the entire world. We are powerful women who are claiming back who we are. 

What You May Experience

If you choose to work with me, I have a bag of tricks that I use to help get you the results you desire. I am fully capable of helping you with all your mind, body, or spiritual goals because my soul path has led me down many roads. 

  • Energy Work such as Reiki, Shift Sessions, Aura Work and so much more.
  • Bespoke Guidance
  • Akashic Records which include past life clearings, energetic blueprints, and so much more! 
  • Channeling Spirit Guides
  • Manifestation Magic for your future goals
  • Removal of entities
  • Aromatherapy or Crystal Healing
  • Meditation or Mindfulness 
  • High Vibration Nutrition
  • Home Clearings 
  • And so much more!

I have a decade of experience in healthcare and nearly a decade of experience in energy work, plus all the things I've been certified in to help myself so I know that my unique sets of skills can be useful to anyone who is open to receiving them. 

Fun Fact About Me

I'm a total hippie, but I used to be in the military.

Wanna Work With Me?!

I hope so! Check down below for service options

Guidance Services and Programs

I offer a range of services such as a membership group, single calls, packages of calls, and a full blown 6-month program for people who want to develop their gifts and start a business. 


Readings and Sessions

Energy work is so powerful because it helps remove the blocks and restrictions that hold us back. Book a...

Energetic Blueprint Reading

Akashic Record Clearing

Manifestation Your Future Reading

Energetic Home Clearing

Shift Session


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