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Are you ready to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary?

Do you just ‘know’ you were meant for more but can’t seem to ‘tap into’ it?

Are you ready to discover your gifts, expand your being and step into your true purpose?

"Sherri is the real deal. Through her I learned I have 4 main guides. They brought up and expressed things that nobody knows about, including most of my family!! I see where I need to change how I look at things and how to take better care of myself. Highly recommend. There is so much more good things that was brought out that I cannot possibly list everything!! Thank you so much!"

Shena L.
Intuitive Evolutionary Guidance Call


The intuitive evolutionary guide on your most sacred life quest. This humble Energy Healer puts the pieces together and hands you the roadmap to the integration of your intuitive gifts.

I have first-hand experience with the powerful healing abilities of mind-body spirit alignment.

Waking up one day half paralyzed, medical science couldn’t help me. I found myself ‘sentenced’ to disability. Instead of simply ‘accepting’ that to be my fate, I accepted a new journey and found complete healing in the most extraordinary spiritual path.

I became a health coach instead of turning back to nursing. But it wasn’t until I completely surrendered to and embraced my own extraordinary intuitive powers that I could truly come ‘out of the closet’.

I now helps others discover their own amazing gifts so they can step into their own soul path.

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"I've been struggling to figure out what was blocking me in order to fully tap into my intuition. It was as if I was floating only at the surface of the blocks with no idea of how to heal completely. Thanks to Sherri's amazing capacity to dig deep and reach the core of the true blocks limiting my soul's expansion, I felt a big relief to finally get clarity about where I was, where I am and how I can uplevel. Her attention to details, compassionate approach and understanding of the soul's evolution is mind-blowing and so uplifting."

Stephanie M.
Intuitive Evolutionary Guidance Call + Akashic Records

Where the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Let me be the magical guide to your most sacred quest.

This is the journey that breaks your limitations so you can become the person that really reflects the greatness of your soul purpose.

Being the true hero of your own story, you have unseen obstacles and hurdles to overcome. If you are willing to do the work, I will guide you to the utmost limits of your soul purpose, giving you the tools you need to remove obstacles in your path.

Besides providing you with the tools required to complete your quest, my guidance is a catalyst for deprogramming whatever isn’t serving you in order to bring you into alignment. If you are willing to go beyond the obvious, let go of expectations and surrender to my guidance, things will simply ‘click’ and the path you were supposed to walk will magically unfold before you. 

You can embrace and recover pieces of yourself you didn’t even know were there. I make the extraordinary, ‘weird’ stuff surprisingly normal. I won’t beat around the bush, but instead I will lovingly and truthfully tell you exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it so you can uplevel and step into your soul purpose.


"Sherri is an awesome woman! She's so intuitive, and she helps knowing yourself in a level I've never seen before. She irradiates calm and peace, talking to her is like having a little healing moment. She speaks to you clearly, giving you tips and helping you through the knowledge of your inner-self, and that's a wonderful gift she had!! Thank you! "

Sara P.
Akashic Record Readings

What's Next On Your Path?

Choose which aligns best with you

Energetic Readings + Intuitive Sessions

With energy, you get accurate results. You can learn about your gifts, see your manifestation power, or your life purpose just as easily as we can the clear blocks and restrictions that hold you back. Energetic readings bring clarity and help us to see our next right step.

Energetic readings include the Akashic Records Clearings, Energetic Blueprint creation, Manifestation Magic, and Home Clearings.


Soul Evolution Membership

Where intuition and healing are normalized! There are two main kinds of people this group is for:

  1. People who want to heal mind, body and spirit
  2. People who want to learn how to use their gifts in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Join us to clear your path and step into your purpose! 


Intuitive Evolutionary Guidance

If you really want to move past your blocks and manifest your dreams, this is it! Get personal mentorship and be guided by energy work, intuition, and spirit guides. 

Guidance can come in many forms to fit your needs: a single call or a package of calls to help you get into alignment with your highest future or a personal mentorship to learn how to expand and use your gifts. 


Transformational Courses

For the independent adventurers, try a self-paced course. Learn how to bust through abundance blocks, expand your intuition, manifestation 101, and so much more. 


"Sherri has helped me for the last 5 years starting with essential oils, how to be more positive, learning how our emotions play a huge roll in how they effect our body, to all things crystal and their healing properties, a positive mindset about food, and finally how energy medicine heals the body. She is very well educated in all of these areas plus more. Sherri's caring, well versed and her integrity are why I'd recommend her to anyone."

Stephanie G.
Soul Evolution Membership

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