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Life is a journey, but so often we get distracted by the shiny objects or just don't know where to start. 

That's where I come in! 

I help amazing women who feel overwhelmed with life jump onto their soul path. We discover your innate gifts and abilities so that you can create the life you've always wanted. It's easier than you think.  

The question is which path do you want to take? Your own epic adventure or the path that you are currently on? 

Monthly Transformations

Hello independent soul! The membership groups gives you all the tools you need to transform your life your way. Get private monthly podcasts, intimate workshops, intention setting sessions and more!  


Release Energetic Blocks 

With energy work, you can quickly release the things that hold you back. You can also increase intuition, discover your unique gifts and step into your life purpose so much faster than with conventional methods. 


Independent Transformation Self-Study

For the independent adventurers, try a self-paced course. Learn how to bust through abundance blocks, learn Kundalini Reiki, expand your intuition, and so much more. 


Intuitive Energy Coaching

If you really want to move past your blocks and manifest your dreams, this is the VIP treatment. Get 1:1 attention, your unique energy blueprint, custom energy work, intuitively selected material, and more to help you reach your dreams. 


Want Help Navigating Your Path?


The founder and creator of THE SHIFT METHOD, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Intuitive Energy Coach.

I'm a survivor of trauma, cured chronic illnesses, and I found my way out of debt, despair and anxiety.

In 2013, my body was not cooperating, my mind was breaking, and I had negative $247 dollars in the bank account, I got out of my own damn way and I changed my life. You can too! Let me show you how. 

This is me in Venice Italy after I won my dream 10-day trip to Europe for free. Italy. Croatia. Turkey. Greece. Tell me manifestation isn't real, folks. Go ahead. Try. 

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"Sherri has helped me for the last 5 years starting with essential oils, how to be more positive, learning how our emotions play a huge roll in how they effect our body, to all things crystal and their healing properties, a positive mindset about food, and finally how energy medicine heals the body. She is very well educated in all of these areas plus more. Sherri's caring, well versed and her integrity are why I'd recommend her to anyone."

Stephanie G.

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