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Are You Unapologetically You?

I help intuitive, healers, and empaths to learn energetic boundaries, self-love and to heal the stuck emotions of their past so they can more fully step into their soul purpose.

Most gifted people are big-hearted individuals who want to make the world a better place, but they often struggle. We struggle with things like being accepted, stepping out of social norms, and upholding our own energetic boundaries. But beyond that, we also often have a history of deep suffering, traumatic events, or deep heartbreak that still needs to be healed. Yet, despite our struggles, we still want to help others. 

I want to help you. 

So often the gifted people of the world feel unsupported, they lack restorative self-care, they have wounds that still need healing, and they haven't fully stepped into their gifts. I want to help you to fully and unapologetically step into your gifts and your power while falling madly in love with yourself as you do. 

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Hello, I'm Sherri

I am a natural empath, a survivor of trauma, and I spontaneously healed from chronic illness. Through my own journey, I found that the most profound transformations came from following my intuition and following my own unique energetic flow. 

I have helped hundreds of people take back their lives on their terms and fully discover their gifts. Some have healed themselves or started businesses, others use what they learn for themselves or their loved ones.

My Education and Training:

  • Mindfulness Studies Graduate Certificate
  • Metaphysician, M.Msc. 
  • Bachelors of Nursing, BSN
  • Mindfulness Instructor and Shamatha Meditation Teacher 
  • Kundalini, Usui and Violet Flame Reiki Master 
  • Akashic Record Reader and Soul Realignment Specialist 
  • Aura Healer and Crystal Reiki Practitioner 

Where To Start?

"If you're facing the right direction, all you have to do is keep walking" - Buddha.

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Consider this your invitation to join a free community of like-minded healers, intuitives and empaths. Ask questions and get support from other gifted individuals while you expand your mind and get deeper insights into your gifts and your own inner healing. 

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No matter what you're looking for, you can find it in the online course section. Learn to meditate, become a Reiki Practitioner, open your intuition, and so much more! If you're a motivated, independent learners who want to go at your own pace, this is a great place to start. 

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If you're ready to take it to the next level with more support and accelerated healing, join the Soul Evolution Circle. This monthly membership gives intuitives, healers, and empaths the support they crave so that they can unapologetically step into their gifts.

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"Sherri brought healing through love into my life, she has opened up my perspectives and expanded concepts bringing me to a whole new level I never knew existed."


I could write a novel about Sherri! She has opened me up to so many amazing things on so many levels. Not only has she brought healing through love into my life she has opened up my perspectives and expanded concepts bringing me to a whole new level I never knew existed. She does it with love in her heart and unconditional understanding in her mind.

Rebecca M.

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"I have a clearer understanding of my gifts, my purpose, and my specialties."


Sherri helped me understand the "me" that I present to the world and because of her insights I am more confident to show that "me" out loud. I have a clearer understanding of my gifts, my purpose, and my specialties. Thank you for such insight. I love all the truths that were shared. I can't wait to let them all sink in and let the allowing to happen.

Courtney G.

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When we are born, we are perfect and amazing bundles of love. But through life, we learn the power of pain. Pain transforms that pure bundle of love into someone who desires to be "normal", "accepted" and "safe". We often sacrifice ourselves even as children for these goals.

But I bet you're reading this because you know you weren't meant to fit into a box. You know how uncomfortable it is to fit into someone else's expectations for you, don't you? 

Inside of you, you already know that you were meant for more and you were born to be free. Free to make your own rules and shed the burden of expectation. Free to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. Free to be you.

But to do that first, you have to heal yourself from all the years of pain, rejection, loss, trauma, and grief. You have to heal so that you can step into truly being yourselves: the extraordinary version of who you are.